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Ultra Guardian DJ James
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  • Feel free to make threads! As long as there aren't too many similar topics being posted at once =)
    You can reply to things from a character's POV sure, as long as you're replying to what the thread is about! But there's no place to publicly roleplay with others unless it's the Roleplay forum D:
    Not really. It seems like they're from Asia and given that Asia and the US have the same region that means despite region lock they can be played in both. At least that's what a little research did for me.
    I guess if you want to be extra sure you'd ask around on the forums. Specifically Previous Generations since it is about the 3DS games.
    Hey there!

    Ultra Guardian member.. if you want to change your username to "Ultra Guardian DJ James", than go for it! :D. Changing usernames is fun and there's also an opportunity to change it back too later in the season.
    I see! Well, it depends. If you want advice for competitive sets then you'd open up a thread in there. If you want advise for a regular ingame set then you can ask in Previous Generations (if it's from an older game) or if it's from SwSh then you'd ask in there.
    There aren't any general Q&A threads so making your own one if you have a question is the best way to go about it. ^^
    Do you want to ask me about a certain Pokemon or do you mean making a thread about it? If you just want to ask me then go ahead and I'll try answering the best I can. :)
    As long as you don't link to illegal streaming sites then it's fine o/ We can get in serious legal trouble otherwise, so only official sites for watching things are allowed.
    You'll have to be more specific, dear. What scene in what thread are you talking about?
    Not too strongly! I think it's cool watching how dedicated he is to getting stronger, and then challenge the same opponent again :D
    I love both, TR is the original evil team and Plasma is so cool because they're from Unova... but I think I'd say Rocket. :D
    Oooh nice!! I'm a few eps behind but need to catch up soon ugh. hope you like :D
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