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  • Hi hi hi! ^_^

    OH MY GOODNESS LOL, that gif scared the living Magikarp out of me!! xD Now I wish that sprite was actually used in the game, hehe. But yeah! I really hope you get a chance to try out PLvsPW someday. :D Just to give you a spoiler:

    EDGE-SUN!!! :D

    I hope you've been doing well! Guess who finally beat PLvsPW a while ago? ;) But seriously, I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. <3 It's officially my second favorite Ace Attorney game (very closely below T&T), which is saying a lot haha.
    OMG I ALWAYS WANTED THAT GAME BUT TOTALLY FORGOT IT EXISTED!! Thanks for reminding me, haha! I'll definitely be sure to pick it up one of these days.


    P.S. I'll be sure to give you a status update about PLvsPW sometime! I haven't been able to play it lately, but there are some interesting things that might be worth bringing up! Oh, and also expect some anime spoilers too! ;D
    Yee the hurricane cancelled a tournament I was supposed to go to this weekend but otherwise it isn't hitting me, thanks for the kind wishes though :)

    Yeah i'd agree that seems like the hardest part, having to keep at it after rejection can be really tough.
    Currently I'm in computer science but I think I'm going to switch to something with engineering. I'm in a STEM focused university so the programs should still be good enough for me to stay. After education, I'm not sure. I guess it really depends on which track of engineering I decide on and what I find a passion for.

    Honestly modeling seems cool but I can totally see how it can be stressful. It's a very competitive field after all.
    Don't worry about it! venting is healthy :)

    I've been making sure to put my classes first but I've definitely been having some fun while I'm here. Fashion modeling sounds fun! Have you been interested in that for a long time?

    Office jobs can suck sometimes, but it's just a means to an end, don't let it stop you from doing what you know you'd love to do :)
    Yeah same I haven't bought a mario party since the DS one, it was a blast though! I started college recently as well so MP is a very good game to have around here, easy entertainment with friends :)

    Thank you so much! The UG is honestly the main reason I've been around PC for so long so to be moderated there is so exciting :)

    What have you been up to lately?
    I'm actually not 100% sure how long it is, but I heard there were 10 chapters + 2 prologues. I've only finished up to Chapter 2 at the moment, but so far it looks like half of the chapters will be investigation-only, while the other half are trial-only. So yup, it's probably the same length as an average AA game! ^_^

    Aw, but don't you want to see good ol' Edgeworth animated?? xD I'm currently re-watching one episode per day, kind of like an advent calendar haha. I've timed it in a way so I would be finished with the series on the day before the new season comes out. :D

    Haha, you're not alone on that feeling! Although I very much enjoyed Sun/Moon, I've kinda gotten bored of the Pokémon main series games as a whole. xP Still love Mystery Dungeon to death, though!! <3

    Ooooh, by the way! I think you'll like this, hehe:
    Yup, that's correct! I'll let you know how it goes when I finish it! :D I'm still only on the first chapter, haha. ^^;

    Ahhh, is that so? :o I guess now would be a great time to start, then!! ^_^ I'm reeeeeally itching to re-watch the first season again anyway, haha. ;__;

    I agree! Let's hope Ace Attorney 7 will be just as good, too!

    Not entirely sure if I'm getting the LGPE Pokémon games, haha. I fell off the main series for almost a couple of years now, and I still need to play US/UM! <_< How about you? Do you plan on getting them?

    By the way, a trailer for the new Gyakuten Saiban season has finally been revealed! It looks very nice so far. *o*

    Oh I actually didn't notice until now, but that's a good way to put it! xD Edge-sun, it is then. :D

    Ahh, the sale, eh? I was SOOOO lucky around the end of July haha, because I got all of the main series games for the most ridiculously low prices possible. It was great! xD And I'm sure it'll happen again in the future, too. ^_^
    EDIT: Oops, just realized you were referring to Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, haha. That was the only one I had to get at full price... xD

    Yup! It's been two years since the last season ended, so hopefully they were able to build up a bigger budget during that time. =)

    Ah, you're right about SoJ! I almost forgot to mention this, but Dhurke is also definitely one of my new favorite characters along with Athena and Blackquill!
    Also I think Blackquill might be one of my new favorite characters :D Birds for the win!!

    Oh, and Athena too!

    I just finished playing through the entire Ace Attorney series (except for the spinoffs) and it feels so satisfying!! Gonna start on Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright now. Have you ever played that one? =)

    One month until the new Gyakuten Saiban anime, btw! ^_^
    just waiting on the games previewed at E3, Mario Party, Smash Ultimate, and Let's Go Eevee look pretty good.

    Oh, I never knew the fanbase hated Franziska! For some reason, I always had the impression that she was a popular character. xD Then again, I was never too familiar with AA's fanbase, so that could be why. =p

    YESSS, Dai Gyakuten Saiban looks super interesting! It seems like a breath of fresh air, and I really wish I could try it! (To make things even better, it happens to be written by Shu Takumi.) Too bad Japan is keeping it all to themselves, though... D:

    Hmm, I wonder who that could have been. Was it Kristoph Gavin? Or maybe Dahlia Hawthorne? Oh, I know! I bet it was Phoenix, wasn't it? ;)
    I have no idea, actually! xD Godot's theme is like one of those things that you can almost never take seriously, except for that ONE moment where it matters most... and that's when you end up taking it too seriously, and then it just becomes depressing by that point. xP
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