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  • I've seen all of them but the last one and omg I've just been ranting and loving and ranting xD. The first time they came on I was so happy and then the next time it was cool and then it was great to see lapis and then there was peri and lapis which I loved but then it was crazy :3
    OMG the bold blue is gone... I feel like Im late xD

    Anyways have you seen all the new SU Episodes?
    im honestly trying this out for the time being tbh

    it sounds like a prettier and more abstract name than flight anyway u.u might go back to it at some point.
    Hi, Uni! Do you still have Klippy's Aipom avatar? I love it a lot, but I forgot to save it when Klippard was using it as his avatar. XD
    Omfg. I love Sawsbuck's formes, and Deerling is so precious. Vulpix/Ninetales is another fav for me too! A lot of Bug-types have been growing on me a lot lately, like Leavanny, Beautifly, Illumise, Vivillon etc, which is kind of funny to me considering I hate bugs irl lol.
    the back of vaporeon looks like a bat!
    Lopunny and Buneary are love omfg. What are some other favs for you? I'm curious now to see which other ones we both like!
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