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  • They are! You'll need to model them around the forum some time.

    I've only been doing this for two months, but I would still say being a mod is more exciting than being an smod. :( Though I can't say I've strayed too far from my job. I'm set as the mod in Challenges for now so people don't freak and not know who to go to for help in there until there's a new mod haha. So most of what I've done as an smod has basically been mod stuff. Smod things are just like...behind the scenes things. :(
    Yay! I normally don't like borders, but for that one, it just really works. I think it's because of the colors and the retro sepia look.

    Unfortunately, it is. :( Double posts in there are like...most of the reports I deal with lmao.
    Ohhh please tell me that's your next avatar because it's precious. ;o; The colorssss. I actually made my current one an hour or so ago...someone said it suited me because it sums up how I feel about double posts in Challenges. XD
    It's the trebuchet MS aka the best font ever.

    I've been great! :) How about you?
    It took some staring at your recent VMs and profile font, but I figured it out. -scoops you up- :3
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