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  • i'm sorry i forgot to reply i'm so bad lmao oops
    it's okay! cat is sick, she may have cancer.. going to the vet again tomorrow to get her tested ;_; but otherwise, decent i suppose, hoping the pandemic travel restrictions lift soon so i can travel to see my partner D: how are youuu
    oh man adorable gif
    and yes sounds like a plan ~ can't wait to have those holidays off so i can rest up in warm blankets <3
    oooh yeah summer over there....enjoy!! winter here and i am freezing ; ; life is good! quite happy atm, excited for what 2019 will bring :heart:
    Omg hi it's been a while again thank youuuu ❤️❤️ I'm excited too aaaaa
    hehehehe yes!! it's pure gold. i forgot if we got an announcement for a new season after s2, might be thinking of mob psycho 100 that got an announcement....one can never have too much saiki *^*
    saiki of course lol....but man i love all of them! teruhashi is so full of herself but really cute, and kaidou's 8th grade syndrome with his superpower fantasy is just gold
    ya I had the 5S before my current 7 and that lasted a good while. 5S was a super nice phone

    oh that's really warm for winter compared to here. your winter sounds more like our autumn. it's slowly starting to cool down here now....been hot w/ high humidity. i mean, maybe our summers are cooler than yours then, but i dunno how bad the humidity gets there??
    iphone XS which was just announced ahah

    good to hear!!! glad all is well, just the news i like to see <33
    omg that is super cute
    i'm okay! excited to get the new phone i preordered next week, helps keep my mind off of being super busy at work lol :< you?
    Hmm, I'm wondering about that... we do have several returning stages from previous Smash games, for sure.
    oh my god it's been that long??? wb <3 not much, working full time so i'm busy but things are ok otherwise hbu!!
    Oh cool :3
    We have an AC Fan Club on skype. Let me know if you wanna join in!
    We do visit each other sometimes.
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