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  • oh nice, how long is the course?? can you read/write any japanese or just speak some?
    go get your Ps!! march is so far away x.x what was your channel again?

    also i sent a friend request on pc if you don't mind!!
    oh, how many years have you been doing uni? and what kind of course? Tokyo would probably be really nice! have you been to Japan before, know any Japanese? I wish I could go there some time :[

    I'm alright, finished high school and waiting for results! I'm not sure what I want to do with my life though, just been playing games and all that stuff x_x. I keep telling myself to get Ls but haven't tried yet. Other than a terrible sleep schedule I'm pretty good though! Do you still upload things to youtube? :p
    Hi Ali!! I [was] Scandalice, sorry about everything :[
    how have you been doing? I still remember you from that "The sun rises" video :P
    better late than never? :D I've been decent! Hope you too. Thank god it's fall finally lol.
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
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