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  • Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    You caught me I actually go creature-hunting and have my own theme show called Joseph the Useless and Irrelevant Vampire Slayer.
    You should actually get on Skype or something. Since I think WLM was still around last time we talked, lmao.

    Perhaps that's just me then. I spent like three or four consecutive nights until like 3 AM recently trying to get so many small details juuuust right.

    Maybe I just have a problem idk
    #WhatABabe #ThanksBae #SomeoneFinallyBelievesInMeBesidesMyMom <3

    That is actually super-marketable when you think about it. Oh, God, have you toyed much with BB Codes? I just spent like several nights trying to code a page for an RP I'm trying to set-up and designing webpages/pretty posts makes you so ferociously nit-picky.
    Yeah, I've been going for acting. I'd like to color myself a playwright, but I haven't written much of the form ... I guess have so much trouble finding a creative form that I like enough to dedicate myself to it. Ah, well.

    Graphic design! That's nifty. Like pertaining to what? In general?
    I AM ALSO IN COLLEGE WE'RE BASICALLY TWINS What year would you be now ... ?

    But I've also got the bug to come back here. I'm trying to get into roleplaying again, since I had a really intriguing idea for one.

    But otherwise, I've been very successful getting roles in theatrical productions and currently waiting to hear word on a couple jobs so I can finally stop leeching off my parents have some spending money and buy some things I've been really needing.
    Talk about a blast from the times that were previously the present but now are history!

    Tell me about your travels.
    It's been a while
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