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  • Hey, if you're still interested in Johto, I think it might be best to finish the missions solo. I think our timezones are just too conflicting.
    Hi now that people have posted again in Rainbows I will go back to the etherpad.
    Hey, I think I'd be able to do a JP soon if you're available. I have a bit to do today, but I'll hopefully have a slow day at work over the weekend where I can work on it, and two days off after that.
    Hey, sorry about being MIA even though we both had the same mission. Want to start a JP, or we can just continue solo since it's a little slow there and I've been slow on the uptake.
    we need to set up a time where we are both on the etherpad at the same time, so we can make good progress. waht times work for you?
    ..woops forgot to respond

    Id like to try a JP, as ive never done one before. Could you set up etherpad?
    We can do the Dunsparce mission together. Do you want to do multiple joint posts or just alot of seperate posts>
    Lol it wasn't really a problem or anything, it just felt funny cause it's like EVERYONE IS SCREAMING AT EACH OTHER :p
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