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  • Hahaha, good luck XD

    My name is Liam Thatcher, call me whatever you like. I'm from England and I am 20.

    Hahaha true. A similar thing happened to me. At college, I was talking with my friends about the fight and a random guy comes up to me, and actually started spouting crap about how Weidman was lucky and how Silva will destroy him the second time. He even started shouting how that fight pissed him off. I mean, you can like the guy, but he isn't Jesus. After the second fight, I saw him in the campus and cheekily smiled at him and he flipped me off and said *f*ck you, mate" haha.

    Yeah, but in swimming. It was the most painful thing I've ever experienced. I couldn't walk on my right leg for 3 weeks! All my injuries usually hit me on my upper body. My head is fulled with stiches lol.

    I did! IT was a major upset. I kind of like Frank and actually expected him to win, but Barnett surprised me.

    Yeah, I learned quite a lot from my ass kicking lol. I will try getting pics if I look okay after the fights haha. I am getting pretty good and the competition isn't THE best, but there are some good fighters in there. I also grew up watching WWE and I still watch it but sometimes it gets overly ridiculous and repetitive. I mean, I know it's scripted but how the hell can a **** like CM Punk even hurt Lesnar or Ryback? Or how John Cena can't lose, like ever.

    Hahaha, I don't really have an avatar in mind but I will put one up soon. Probably.

    What kind of hobbies/activities do you also like?

    And sorry for replying late. I had a ... busy day and I've not touched my PC until now.
    I can imagine c: The feeling of being cared for! Pwetty good, lady, pwetty good.
    Well your avatar may be a little bit weird but it's certainly not obscure xD There are a lot of variations on Handsome Face! I said obscure because it's from some of Bill Sienkiewicz's unpublished pages for (possibly) Detective Comics.

    Ahah if you say so! None of my even older friends drink anyways so there's no pressure at all. Well, I have never drunk 7up nor eaten cocopops since I don't think they're even sold here so I guess I'd try them out yeah xD Oh well, perhaps some day!

    Pretty good I think! I'm trying to catch up to the current state of the series and I'm almost there, only half of Season 7 left and some specials c: Have you ever watched it? Oh I know how that is, I'm currently not going to school so my sleep schedule also gets unstable, going to bed at 6 AM and waking up between 11 AM and 6 PM. *pokepoke*
    You don't have to apologize over something that's true tho yo
    And rice wow best food ever?? Fried sushi curry like seriously you can't go wrong with it all

    I actually hate my school though because they like sent an e-mail to my parents about the mocks and wow they are being total d*cks about the whole thing as if it was like proper exams and everything? And nooo I already finished my GCSEs ahaha I'm doing a levels right now in my high school's sixth form

    Why is your year so weird?? Your holiday is till feb 12 and you don't even have mocks till SUMMER?
    Being short sucks but oh well, us asians are better in every other way so white people can stay being tall and suck it eh *shakes fist at screen violently*
    And yes, that's what she said... or he? I actually don't know?

    Sooo unfair :(... erm I don't actually have anything to look forward to cause I have lovely mock exams a week after I come back. Exciting right?
    I wish I could say that, but most of my friends are white, and they are like giants or my height -___- I just can't win sigh

    WHAT you actually serious????? That's insane and also not fair at all
    Jesussss here we go with the innuendos ahaha
    I'm 16 so I guess I'm lucky and things

    I'm from nepal, was born there but now I live in england... I'm guessing your in the states or something? Or do you live in the philippines?
    Yesh, *le sexy time* would be awkward indeed hahaha

    You were the one who told me your height in the first place :p I'm like 5'8" which I think is tall for an asian? I'm not really sure, but my family is tinyyy compared to me so maybe it is haha

    I love how you point out that you're searching straight after saying something, it's cute. :p
    Where in asia are from?
    I used to know this guy who was like 6'2" and he was going out with a Thai girl who was like 5'1".... not even joking, it was the most awkward couple I've ever seen, they couldn't even hold hands properly. Not sure if they are seeing each other still.
    You do not look 5'3" in your pic though...

    Don't lie, they look exactly the same hahahaha
    Guy who made it probably edited archer's face or something
    I'd rather you cut open hearts than me. my coordination isn't exactly great, ahaha. although apparently the worst people to do tech support for are lawyers and doctors

    That sounds like it was fun!

    My last two days were mostly spent working. I'm learning how to write reports in SQL from a coworker.
    I need the phone more than the DSLR, so I figured I might as well kill two birds with stone. And holy crap, bungee jumping and cliff diving? And you're trying to PRETEND that you have a life? I'd kill to do either of those. :I But yeah, I'd definitely get a GoPro, in that case, it'd be pretty killer.

    Wait, so this is all in school? D: Sounds like a fun curriculum, if you ask me! And as for the ticket, that crap ain't cheap. I wasn't even really interested in Comic Con, honestly, the only reason I went was to see her, and perhaps also to witness the amazing cosplay in action :P It's all good, though, three or four of us are planning to meet in 2 or 3 weeks. Ought to be loads of fun :D

    Well, I was teaching him Chemistry at his house, but when I work at the tutorial center, I focus on mainly writing and math. Math's a piece of cake, but grading essays is so annoying. -_- And yeah, absence makes the heart fonder and that stuff, I know :P Wish I was able to kill of the vacation as easy as her, though, she's marathoning TV shows. I can't do that, my attention span sucksss.
    Yeah, it's rare to actually meet someone who enjoys both. *cough*ifonlyyouwereintodudes*cough*

    Hahaha. I agree. The thing that made me a bit happier about his loss is the reactions of his fanboys. God, I hate most of his fans. Before the match, I expected Silva to ease through it, but I tend to always cheer for the underdog. Weidman wanted to shake his hand before the match and Silva ignored it like a little prick like he's above that sh*t. The only reason I felt for AS after his injury because I kind of relate to it.

    The women's fight was actually better than most. Rousey always seemed a bit "b*tchy" for the lack of better words and Tate a bit cocky (or was it the other way round?). They hate each others' guts. Rousey has a judo background right? She was really impressive.

    BJJ is something I actually wanted to get into myself. I almost always wear groin guards when training even if it doesn't involve my lower body; I've had ... bad experiences. I'm currently learning kick boxing (been a while now), and it's going pretty great. I've entered a competition on January 20-something; I will probably get my a ss kicked. I have done wrestling in middle school and I pretty much got my a ss handed to me almost always lol. As I got older, I grew out of it because I felt a skinny guy like me doesn't really suit the wrestling life.

    So, what's your name? Where are you from? And how are you? We skipped those parts and went straight to discussing MMA. haha

    Your avatar is disturbingly hilarious.
    Oh, trust me, I will. Part of the reason I'm getting the S4 is cause of the sweet camera. I'm big on photography, always adored the feel. That, and I'm shamelessly a cam*****. :D

    Wait, tell me more about metalwork. Do you actually go ahead and work with metal, like melting it and making stuff? Cause that actually sounds insanely awesome, if not also a little dangerous.

    And I did, haha. She knew what I looked like, but Comic Con was ridiculously packed. Like, I kid you not, it was jammed. I also didn't have a ticket, and spent the whole time trying to see if I could sneak in. Couldn't, by the way, they changed the security system. ;c

    And niiiice, ice skating's heller awesome. As for my day, it was rather dull, really. I'm tutoring this kid right now, but I'm clearly doing a good job haha. I'm just hoping I can Skype with my girlfriend tonight, this month long vacation has been dull as hell. Agh.
    Haha, I kind of felt sorry for him. I HATE it when he provokes his opponents. It's basically how he lost against Weidman; faked a faint, and got schooled for it. It was the best thing I've watched. But when he snapped his leg, I felt a tad sorry for him. I was mocking his skinny legs at that time so I kind of felt I jinxed him haha.

    I watched most fights. I was a bit disappointed with the heavyweight fight; I expected Barnett to put a better fight. Otherwise, they were decent; was a bit shocked by some unanimous decisions. Not the best night though. The highlight was Silva's injury of course. How about you?

    Do you practice any sort of martial arts?
    Yup. Just saw the pic. Now I can definintely see why...
    PC's men go craycray when they see new members who are pretty ahaha

    You ever watched Archer?
    Meh, I find myself extremely bored if I'm not hanging with people. This vacation is killing me. And no worries, I'm buying the S4 :P

    LOL yes, chocolate would be fairly accurate. I'll take the 'mmm' as a term lf endearment. Rip them up, eh? You sound artsy, I've had friends who did similar stuff, and the were pretty damn creative.

    Actually, she was dressed as Pikachu. But so were a good chunk of other people. And I ended up meeting with the wrong person, and didn't even realize till the next day. Hehe -_- I didn't cosplay myself.

    Jesus girl, your sleep schedule is so ****ed. O.o And yup, Café's pretty awesome. I'm not biased, I swear yes i am
    Right now? General IT professional. Mostly working with hardware and user support. And I guess a bit of server administration.
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