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  • No offense, but those sprites are not good at all. You need to work on a lot. It seems like you don't know how to do real scratch sprite and still telling me what I did correctly is wrong. If you can actually do real scratch sprites and show me, I'll listen to you.
    About the 3D I put in topic the explanation about why I choose generation 3 graphics, maybe I create a special version with generation 4/5 graphics.
    About the turbo button, this make the game looks a little unnatural and isn't too necessary because I put several options to make the game can be more quick like reverse run (you normally run and when holding the run button you walk), quick battle start, quick hp bar up/down speed, etc...
    Well, first up. That's completely retarded. The data protection act is mostly there to make sure that companies protect the data that they have and prevent loss and theft of it. Secondly there isn't a limit of what data is stored as long as you have the permission of the person who the data is about, therefore facebook has every right to store the data that you send them because it was in their terms and agreements that they would store your data.
    That's a lot you want. Considering these as suggestions for how to improve Essentials, in a nutshell:

    1) I don't care. 2) I don't care. 3) The community will eventually do that. 4) I don't care. 5) Nope. 6) Nope. 7) ??? 8) ??? 9) No and what?
    1. PIXELLATED = BAD, you probably don't know the term very well, or I'm just dumb.
    2. LOOK AT THE ORIGINAL SPRITES MADE BY GAMEFREAK, they don't always completely show the face.
    You're really going to have to be more specific than "an idea". I'm not clairvoyant yet.
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