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Venia Silente
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  • I think I'm gonna call it now and say there'll be warnings beforehand because I make light of the old man at the beginning of Red & Green (not Red & Blue or FRLG) who was censored to "needing coffee" in localization. I'll have a good laugh about someone doing dumb things while drunk, but I have personal convictions about alcohol. There will absolutely not be any "underage drinking" in the story. I am old enough to drink, and I choose not to start (in part because I have an "addictive personality").

    I'm not sure what you mean about bullying. I do NOT use words like "gay" and "autistic" as insults (just in general) if that's what you meant, but characters are mean to each other. If you mean "hazing" like "only people who drink can join the club," then I can tell you now that won't be in the story. The "middle school" humor shouldn't contain adult themes, just quick references to adult content (like tobacco smoking, rude insults).

    If I may, I'd like to send you specifically a writing sample (and maybe a detailed list of inappropriate words/phrases) since you're a moderator. I'm actually not sure what is considered a swear word (da-- and He--) and what is considered a "rude or inappropriate" word (like crap, or... I guess "darn" can be considered "rude or inappropriate"). There's no f bombs or the SH words. There's one joke so far that's ... (maybe?) Fiction M that I need to cut from the forum version. It was really funny when I wrote it, and it made my friend on Discord laugh, but I don't want to have to label the story Fiction M on here.
    Hello, I was interested in posting a story here on the forum. I have a bigger story planned, but recently, I wanted to do some "discovery writing" (writing by the seat of one's pants) to get out of my rut of not writing much. I was wondering if the rules are current since the last edit was 2018. I was also wondering if the story is appropriate to post here since it contains coarse language and what I can only describe as immature "middle school" humor. The fic will probably be preceded by a "what's in this?" section that warns about crude humor. I'm going to have to redo the story for the forum's formatting anyway, so I guess I could provide a censored version if need be. I really like doing the "Challenges" forum, so I don't want to get my account suspended. Thank you for your time.
    Are you in the Southern Hemisphere. It is winter where I am and quite cold. I agree it is easier to write when the weather is good.

    I am enjoying writing 'Rose of Team Magma' and how the title character develops. Incidentally my favourite character in the story is not Rose herself.

    I'm pleased your cat is happy.
    Hello Venia Silente. I am well. How are you?

    Yes you may reference 'The Rose of Team Magma in your Fanfiction. Thank you for asking me.

    I need to post the next chapter of 'Rose of Team Magma' up this week.
    Hey... I totally forgot to respond to you until now...

    Anyway, the last time I messaged you, I had a busy year with work in that I was spending a lot of time with firmware testing for the company I worked for. It was really stressful because a lot of people quit in the last year I was there and I was doing the workload of multiple people late last year.

    Then, COVID-19 struck, and it caused financial issues for the company that I had worked for since 2013. I got laid off in June and went jobless for over two months.

    Now I'm about to start a new job doing similar testing that I had done before in a couple of days. I'll be working remotely, which is different from what I'm used to. I'm a bit nervous, but hopefully my nervousness will all be for nothing.

    How have you been this year?
    Thank you, I'll make sure to do that. Gonna try and finish chapter one and hopefully create a thread for the story when I can. Been holding myself back for so long but I need to write the damn thing already ;w;
    Yes, that's what I'll be mostly going for. I have already thought of some of this region, but that's just the main characters' hometown and a few other key locations.
    I'm planning on writing my first Pokémon fic in here. I'm gonna try to create my own region instead of using one of the official ones, though I'm not sure how to continue. Do you think it's best to be based off an existing country or continent, or just start from scratch?
    Have some stuff to sort out and the week's been stressful so far, but doing alright rn.

    You said once you could help with worldbuilding?

    Yes, it is! She's Jenna from Balto! I'm surprised anyone would recognise it, haha. Animal stories are a guilty pleasure of mine, from children's tales to more sophisticated novels, like Watership Down, The Wind in the Willows, and Black Beauty. I have many books I could list, as well as films! The next two on my list are The Wild Road and The Silver Brumby. <3 (I'm also a huge fan of Pokémon-only fanfictions!) You enjoy the same, right? I remember you using Nidorans as your characters!

    Generally speaking, I've been amazing! Two weeks ago I returned home from a family trip, so now I'm settling in and preparing to start university studies in July. Haha, thanks for the offer, but we've had a surplus of rain ourselves! I'll trade for any sunshine you might have, though. :p

    How are you going? Have you enjoyed your role as a mod so far? :)
    Rika Adventure, Sister of Dragon, Queen of the Nerds, Catleesi of the Great Cat Bed, Rika Rain because summer rain >>>>>>> snow.
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