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Venia Silente
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  • Flashbacks to Pokemon Heroes UGGGHHHHH

    Latias: Wooooo!
    Latios: Wooooo!
    Latias: Woooo?
    Latios: WOOOO!!!
    Yep, I still remember you as Sol. :)

    I've actually become somewhat paranoid over the past few years, so bb software (the internet in general really) and its constant storing of information has become somewhat the bane of my existence. Nostalgia used to be cool because we only used to take snapshots of great moments and imagined the rest. Now, every single, cringey comment I ever made as a kid on pc is here to stay. Hahaha

    On the plus side though, all that storage reminded me that it was you who introduced me to Truecrypt all those years ago. I don't use it much anymore (using VeraCrypt which is apparently a TC fork?), but it does bring back memories of my old fanfiction days.

    Yeah, I don't think the Serebii forums allow name changes or even making a new account for that purpose? It's kind of annoying because I've been trying to stray away from my old name (cos of the paranoia), but I still kind of want to post stories on the more active serebii F&W too. Also their colour scheme is murder on my eyes, but that's something else.
    I was wondering who Venia Silente was supposed to be and why he decided to like my post. Going to this page, it all started to make sense again.

    Also I don't even remember being able to 'like' posts way back when.
    Gameboy FTW. I thought about something like that too, briefly, but my last entry was also a "Pokemon used to be so much better!" kind of thing except about the rivals.

    I'm a bit further along; got an idea I feel pretty good about and just finished an outline. The inspiration is a little unusual for Pokemon, I think, but I'll keep that a secret until after the deadline. ;)
    I'm sorry too, just as much my fault it's been so long as yours. :p This time I'm really going to try to stick around for a while. I've got a 100% buffered Digimon fic that I'm editing and posting chapters from each week, so that at least should keep me here for another 3 months.

    Btw, what's your new username mean? If I'm not mistaken your new avatar is some kind of doll-version of Laguna from FFVIII.
    Thank you very much.

    Ever since I sent the last message, I've read a few stories here and there. But I haven't yet found the ones you just mentioned, so it's much appreciated.

    I tend to like OT tales the best, so far, btw. It makes sense, as I'm making one myself.
    Aloha! I've been kind of flopping around lately, not doing a whole lot of anything except working. Oh and looking for a condo. Mostly just work and video games though. XD

    I think I saw the blurb thing for the get-together at the top there! Haven't checked it out yet though. July is another Camp NaNo, so I might be able to force myself to write something, haha!
    It may not be a good story, but it has charm. Loved the humour bits as well.

    If you would, however. What are, in your opinion, some of the best fics you've read? The favourites. It could be anything.
    I could ask others. But it's best if I ask a writer, I believe.
    Hello, I just read Overlord.

    It was perfect.

    That is all. I thought the message would be too simple to post it as a thread reply, that with there, in all likelihood, being rules against short, one word centred replies.

    Oh, but it was perfection. Purrfection, that is.

    And then I caught the movie reference. Holy... It's been certainly a while. It was when I was a kid, this brought many memories. I used to watch that one ad-infinium.

    Certainly, it has been the greatest thing I have ever read on this forum, or any Pokémon forum for that matter.
    ...Uh, yes, I am new. (Only made one post.) Oh and, yes, I've only skimmed past a few of these 'fics'. Mainly the ones presently in the board's first page. I wonder if any of the fics ever get this good. I didn't think so, initially. So this was a refreshing welcome into this 'world' here. The Pokémon world.
    I'm only here in PC, because I, had, as of late, decided I would write one of these fics too, alas for a different purpose. Being a writer, I thought I'd have fun with it, as well as fun reading the stories of others. And fun I had, thanks to you.
    I can allow you to reserve 2/3 starting posts for your worldbuilding thread, no problem. If anyone asks, you have my permission. =p
    Yo, been a while haha. Hm, I think either could go fine. If you want to do a thread in Writer's Lounge, all I ask is you use the WoPC prefix. =) If you feel more comfortable with a blog, that's fine too. Probably having a thread would be better as more people will catch your worldbuilding stuff that way. Hope this helps.
    Hello, I'm happy to see that you responded. I'm sorry to hear that you've been busy lately, but I hope that it will get better one day. And as for the timezone change... is your time zone farther to the east than it used to be? That could cause problems for the two of us... I live all the way in the western US, so we're several hours apart.

    I'm also sorry to hear that you're feeling sick, but I hope that you feel better. I certainly that hope you feel well during your vacation!

    As for e-mail... I hope that we can use that in the near future. Once you get everything set up, be sure to PM me the details, and we should work it all out. I'd also like to play Pokémon with you one day... I haven't had anybody to play with in over a year or so. I also noticed months ago that you were playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I have that game too, so maybe we can play that together sometime as well!

    I've also been doing all right overall, at least once this fall started (don't forget that while it's spring for you, it's fall for me). I didn't like this summer at all, though... I live in the northwestern US, where we had a very brutally hot and dry summer this year (including a record hot and dry June, a July that wasn't much better, and some smoky wildfires in August). This summer was even worse than last summer, which was already awful. But things started to get better since September, so I feel better now. I'm certainly enjoying cooler weather, red/orange leaves, and eating pumpkins a lot. I hope to see some snow once this winter arrives...

    Anyway, I'm glad I heard from you. I have missed you... so I hope to hear from you again soon!
    Hello... how has it been? It's been almost a year since I last heard from you... I hope that you've been doing fine. I miss you! I hope that we can talk to each other like we used to do.
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    I'm in roughly the same boat. I've been working on a companion one-shot for The Eon Chronicles, which could be considered tangentially related to the prompt, but nobody would get it without the context and it's not that great anyway, lol.
    Hello again!

    I'm sorry once again for being late to respond -- but I'm glad that you seem happy about your life. It's always pleasant to know that you're doing well. And I hope that it stays that way!

    I would certainly like to have your e-mail address; it would be a good way for us to talk more often (I'll be better at remembering to talk to you that way). You can send it to me via private message when you feel comfortable with that. I assume you know mine already (it's the same e-mail address that I've used since 2004).

    Also, I forget who Elena is... is that the nickname for your Cyndaquil? I have a bunch of Fire-types myself, the most recent being a Blaziken in Omega Ruby. And speaking of Omega Ruby, I notice that you're online once in a while, which cheers me up. I like being able to give you O-Powers!

    I won't say much about the weather if you don't want to hear it, although winter just started for me a couple of days ago. So, the nights are quite long here, while I assume that you have long days now.

    And finally, I wish you happy holidays! Take care and I hope we talk again soon! If I don't get to talk to you by the end of this year, then I wish you a happy new year as well!
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