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  • Well, if I can help you with something I'd be glad to, but that would be when I have free time ^^ I'm also making my game alone so I can understand what you're in ^^
    So tell me what you need, I'll try my best to do it ^^
    Hey !
    I'm sorry, but I'm don't have enough free time to be part of a team. Also, I'm not the best graphic artist you can find around tbh, I'm just editing stuff to what I like, nothing too fancy ^^
    I'll let you know, I'll be waiting for other responses and then pick which I am more comfortable in supporting.
    Sure no problem, just let me know when you have the first demo completed and if you need any help with anything like game testing or story line ideas.
    I did not see any bugs so that seems fine so far, changes it's hard to give any suggestions about changes when it's only one route and first town...
    But of right now it's seems good, just keep the story interesting and if possible some what original and it will turn it fine.
    I don't, can just be fun to beta test some unfinished games to see what they have to offer.
    Have you finished all the story work or are you still working on it?
    Okay, sounds good. I recently played though the Legends of the Arena demo and it's good.
    But just send it over and i will play thought and see if i can spot anything wrong or if it's just another great demo.
    Hi :-)
    I've been a fan of Pokémon since red and blue came out and I want to join a nice community for when Sun and Moon come out and the people here seem really friendly My favorite Pokemon is Lucario and Dialga and my favorite game is Pokemon Omega Ruby, but closely behind is Diamond that one was really good too I just love it how the Pokemon follow you around I look forward to being a part of the site and making me pokemon game

    Also Subscribe to me on YouTube i am Venomous Zero Check me out
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