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Venonat in Space
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  • Oh my god I never responded, I'm so sorry! I thought I had!!!

    In terms of what I LIKE, I generally play a lot, but I'd list the following as my faves:

    Rival Schools 1
    Street Fighter Alpha 3
    Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
    Ultra Street Fighter 4
    Tekken 7
    Capcom vs. SNK 2
    How are you Neon Pink?

    I'm glad to read this post and hear that you walked away feeling a bit better and less blue.

    You are a wonderful part of Pokecommunity, and I'm happy if anything I said helped you. I hope things are continuing to get better. <3

    P.S Sorry I missed the last message that I see you wrote me. I don't have Pokemon Home right now either, but still appreciate the gesture. I hope you had some luck, and were able to find a player to adopt some of those Pokemon.
    So sorry, I just now checked my messages, been busy as usual! T_T I definitely am not sure I can take them since it would take a very long time to trade them one by one... not to mention I don't have that many things to trade in return for them, omg T_T But I appreciate the thought so much!!
    Thank youu <3 her name is Chloe in the English dub and Koharu in Japanese, she's very cute! and thank you!! <3 I'm in SA because husband works here right now, but he has another job lined up in Australia in September so we'll be moving there \o/
    Not sure will have to look as I'm not sure what I have that I'm willing to trade that u would be interested in. As for what I'm interested in trading for well ultra moon exclusives mainly
    Ahh, I see! Gotcha!
    Do you go out to walk in spring? Because this spring, it doesn't look like we can :|
    Pearl and Black 2 are my favourites. Can't decide any one :P How about you? Let me know when you post your artwork!
    Aha, I see! Pfft, the wind blew me away. Winona troubled me the most in my omega ruby nuzlocke XD
    Good, good, we are safe, but my father still goes to work (essential services). Did you post your artworks here?
    Also, thanks for adding!
    Hi, RedBalloon! I found you flying around, haha! (Unique and nice name, btw n_n)
    How are you? Hope you and your family are safe.
    I was intrigued about your signature. I did not understand it, but I tried, and I guess it speaks about not treating Pokemon just on the basis of IVs and natures, and is it against the nature changing mechanic of Sword and Shield?
    Hope you have a good time ahead!
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