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  • Could you just vm me a copy of the op before you updated it? Ill the perfomr whatever you need updated sorry it keeps happening its likely where your placing the coding i can always do updates for u in the future btw if your having a hard time
    Ah, I nearly forgot to tell you! I changed my name to Sun! Hope that helps with updating your dojo memberlist!
    Take it easy, we're busy with our own lives! But welcome back senpai!
    i posted another revised version in the thread which should work delete everything in the op and copy and paste mine into the op without the quote tags and ill check it
    i think it should work if you take them away since it works fine in the pm if not ill tinker with it more haha css is annoying
    So i fixed it and found out the problems:
    Firstly you dont have to add any font tags cause the entire post is already filled with all the necesities haha
    And secondly you also dont need center tags they screw with the entire thing for some reason so if you dont add them it should be fine ;)

    Anyways i transfered your images from imgur to smaller sprites from here: http://pldh.net/
    it makes the memberlist shorter and easier to use you can also find all the sprites there for any pokemon :D

    If you edit the post to add a member and it doesnt look right just send me the copy of it before you edited it and ill put it in for you! Sorry for any troubles :)
    So it seems like theres alot of stuff screwed up with for some reason so i could send u the last one i did and add those new members to the memberlist and we could start fresh again? if that works for you
    the height on the css got alittle to long so i fixed it for you i sent you the link with the fixed css also thanks for the little shoutout it really isnt anything to make this just wanna help ^_^
    Hey ive noticed your struggling with your fighting type club but your giving it a good effort provided theres only one member would you like any help i could give? Maybe some css?
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