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  • Are you able to battle this weekend? I should be on most of the time then.
    When do you want to battle for Old Gen League? My time zone is GMT -5. Any time or day works for me except for morning on Saturday and Monday, as well as morning or afternoon on Sunday.
    I suppose we're against each other in the next round of the Old Gen. Is there a time that works best for you? I'm pretty flexible for the next week.
    well when i checked i saw that blazed glazed was about difficulty and had some more things...well i dont know if it was in an older version of glazed but now i will try the glazed 7..thx a lot... i loved theta emerald ex..it has 721 pokemons and u can catch them and store them all....of course some legendaries will have to go in some other boxes in pc.. (still 14 boxes) i put the pokemon in categories (water,fire,air,dark etc) thats why i said about the legendaries...if u havent played it yet i suggest u to play this one...u gonna love it and it is completed
    well i found that the blazed glazed 1.3 version (that i found in internet) said that fixed some bugs...is that right or better to download glazed?
    Hi, I know there are people that are waiting for their teams, but I have currently no time to make their teams. I still hope there will be someone who will make them, but the thread itself got pretty messy. With that in mind, I think it's good idea to revive it :)
    In my last message I've give you the rom not the patch --' so I don't know where is the problem. I think you have a computer so do like everybody, patch your rom on a computer and copy your game to your phone^^
    Generally people are fine with it, but if you want to make sure you can ask them. There's nothing technically wrong with uploading it, though, and I'm sure if they have a problem with it they'd tell you on the video itself.
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