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  • Hey! I'm a brazilian Translator, and i would liem to translate your games, starting with Saiph 1, then Sors then Saiph 2 when finished.
    Just wanted to let you know. Are you Ok with this?
    Portuguese community of Hacks are one of the biggest, but the majority of portuguese speakers cant read english.
    Hey just found out in the pokemon Sors, castform only has the normal sprite the sprites for sunny day, rain, and hail are missing, using v1.3
    Hi, it's me, VentZX, one of the many who has made graphic resources for fire red, and I liked that you have used some of them in Saiph Part 3 ... if you are interested, I have some of those graphics but improved, like the Naming Screen BW ... if you agree I can share those graphics improvements. I have also tried Saiph Part 3 on my 3DS and it works great.
    Hey Vyt,I want to add some tiles of Sors in my romhack,Can I?I will give you credit for this..........
    And can you give me the Routine/asm/script u used for soaring please?
    hi. i am also a new be. jk though. i'd like to "pick your brain" as they say. you see, both my 3DS have beed done with Luma3DS CFW. and would like to know how i can run Pokemon Sors on the Virtual Console emu thing. i tried this "New Super Ultimate Injector" thing and it successfully made the CIA file but when i go to run it on my 3DS i just simply froze at the GBA splash screen. would you think, #vytron, that i may be patching the hack wrong? i got Pokemon Saiph working on one of my 3DS OK, fantastic work on thathack by the way, just not sure what's going on with Pokemon Sors. is that one only meant for VisualBoy Advance, do you think?
    This may be a frequent question people ask you: how did you put BW minisprites and tiles on GBA? Is there a tutorial for that?
    Hey all, Vytron, developer here!
    I haven't updated the thread or shared any of the recent, new content, however I would like to announce here too, that the main story of Pokémon Sors is finished!
    This means all I have left to do is polishing that said main campaign and to finish up the post game. (the latest release is still the demo, the next release is the full game!)
    Just though about sharing this quick update, since I don't update the thread too often.
    Stay safe, and stay tuned ^^

    Guys if anyone is wondering, no Pokémon Sors isn't cancelled, its still work in progress, I just didn't post updates here that much
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