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  • right i just added your friend code, mine is 0046-8692-9515
    I just need to change my internet settings here so I get on with my DS so I won't be able to type here for a while so I'll see you in the trade room
    I have to go on a delivery here but I should be back by 10. If I'm not back by then still wait on me cs it shouldn't take me long
    ok sorry to be messing you about again, but my battery died this morning there and I'm down at my parents at the minute and don't have my charger. I'l be back home tonight so will be able to do it form tomorrow
    Do you want to trade on Sunday? If I was doing it at 10am my time it should be 7pm your time, how about that?
    When you get Thunderous would you do a trade back with me so I can go and get Landorous and I'll do the same for you with Tornadus?
    sorry I didn't appear there, I got held up. Il b busy today and tomorrow but I could do it on Sunday at some point?

    Are you at the point where you have caught Thunderous?
    yeah no problem. would you be able to do it around 5pm today? It's 11.14am as I a writing this if you are not in the UK
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