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  • That piece of advice makes a lot of sense actually :) I think that's really what draws me away from the major I'm in, I find the work to be really tedious at times. But I think I'm going to stick with it for a semester and really see if it's worth it.

    Frederick seems like such a fun role! Where do you tend to perform? Local places? Or do you have to travel a bit to find a good one?
    So happy to hear that acting is going well for you! What role would you say has been your favorite to perform so far?

    And right now I'm in for computer science, but I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with it, I feel like I need something where I'm not sitting in a cubicle all day every day.
    Ooo tell me more about the theatre stuff!

    I've been good! Just graduated high school, and am ready to move on to college in a couple months :) It's exciting.
    Oh no, one of the horses just broke loose and is heading straight towards you. Look out! SAVE YOURSELF!
    My nephew is only one years old! I actually dance when we play the slowpoke song hahaha They are great aren't they? I mean, I am not a fan of kids and I am not even sure Ill ever have one, but being an aunt is great. I am his godmother too.

    Your profile sure is minimalist anyway! I custom my profile too often hehe. I kinda like mine right now but I change way too often D: I think those avatar and signature are there to stay for a while tho hehe. I am so not a pink girl so it's kinda strange for me to have this color as a main color eh :p
    y avatar isn't in the video tho, except for the turning around part.My little nephew actually loved this song hehe.
    You have a wonderful profile btw! Grey is my favorite color so of course I'll like it! :p
    When I said the music wasn't working, I meant the entire player is greyed out, no details in the box. Can't click play. Not just a delay.
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