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  • Yes!! Am excited for SwSh, probably going to get Shield but it's a little too early to make decisions yet. And that's good @ your job being flexible, seems like you've got a bright future ahead if you're working so hard. \o/
    that sounds very busy @_@ i was never able to handle that, my mental health wouldn't have been able to deal with the stress of being so busy (when i'm already busy enough from working as it is...) but good to hear things are well! same for me, been quite happy lately❤ and yeahh i never saw it coming, but people seem much more positive now which is great!!
    Always great to see a friendly face return!
    Working on too many things at once while trying to stay sane, the usual really. :p How about you? What have you been up to all this time?

    Oh damn, are you going to break your naming scheme then? :o Or are you going retro with WickedSNES?
    Yeah! Janna owns the site now (go Janna! <3) and we're definitely looking onward for a positive year overall.

    Hope to see you around more! :D

    and yes I still tell people to turn it off and on again
    psshh why why arent you WickedSwitch?
    i've been gone for awhile and youre still with that same username? :p
    Indeed! I've been able to make some good profits within only a several weeks; fun. Also, that's sweet. How many credits did you have prior to re-enrolling?
    Yes, haha. It's going well; I've been digging into crypto a little as of little. Interesting stuff. How about yourself?
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