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Winter Wonderland
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  • I'm actually digging that idea, gives old stud a depth of character you've never seen before. Don't tell me he's gonna be in isla de tristeza because he's a war veteran as well.
    Thanks! What I'm doing with this mod is, uh, actually turning Emerald into a walking simulator. All the encounter rates are set to 0 - the story will be entirely propelled by player-NPC interaction and the environments themselves! The idea behind those 1/2-block-wide spaces is to make players feel cramped and uncomfortable, but if it comes up in playtesting, I'll be sure to change it around a bit.

    Great point on the sign, by the way! I'm playing with it as I write this.
    The original, for comparison:
    I played with it a bit. I think it's clearer in how it directs the player towards their goal. What do you think?

    Oh man, I've completely forgotten about old man stud. What did he do last time, steal Pokemon from little kids? We gotta do something even bigger, something even crazier than that.
    Can't remember. I think we played around with a few switches. But I believe you chose WesleyFG(?) tiles.

    Which? Hawaii I literally know nothing about, so I'm guessing San Francisco. It started off badly with finding out both nights were Asian (Don't really fancy it) eats, lost my earbuds and had to pay $20 for airport ones, delayed flight, dinner pushed up (so like, no time to explore), lol.

    But even though the downs it was fun. I got to meet some of the Moto Makers (The group were all in) that I've chatted too, and see the city a tiny bit. I rode the famous Cable Car, saw the Sea lions, ran across the city to make it back in time for Dinner. xD Our cab got stuck, and almost started rolling down one of the hills, and getting into the event was confusion since we were told we were vip (not. Still were in the closet rows), We were also about 20ft away from Ashton Kutcher. Day ended with a free phone, that will arrive sometime, maybe, in the next week or month, we have no idea.
    Same old, same old. Work and travel time are mostly eating my time, barely have the time to make progress with my hack, but at least there's progress than none. Getting a new phone soon, too, just for PKMN GO. -,-

    Apologies for having a rusty memory, but after re-reading some of our earlier convo, you were researching virtual reality? How's that going? And how are ramen noodles these days?
    A rom, screenshots, support banners, might have the tiles still. My computer has been wiped a few times since those days so I may have lost some stuff.

    Idk, it just feels weird. I mean nothing really wrong with it.
    Woo! :P I think I actually still have some files.

    It is, I mean I don't really like the 'vibe' of California, but its cool, really freaking hilly, and big. We sadly didn't have much time to explore though. Lol.
    Spend those two weeks good! :P

    Yeah, San Francisco was another Motorola (Phone company) trip that they sent me on. Hawaii is part of my family going, not the ones I really like.. but yeah.
    Oh no! D:
    Good, went to San Francisco last month, may or may not go to Hawaii later this year.
    Haha there you go, gotta butter me up first before you trick me into work.

    I can always work on the leola project, but with work and skewl scripting time is gonna be limited.
    You see, what I realized is people don't want a game with relatable characters, deep story, and captivating mechanics. At the end of the day, people just want a completed game and the previous things I mentioned are just icing on the cake. Plus, Gary's Mod tricks people who like the actual Garry's Mod into checking out my hack. ;P
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