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  • got it.


    i've been okay, been stuck inside because well, you know. lmfao how have you been?
    happy birthday
    happy birthday
    happy birthday
    happy birthday
    happy birthday
    omg manila posted a picture out of drag and she looked like kris jenner - she blocked everyone who said she looked like kris jenner, even if it was a joke. it was kinda sad bc she'd tweeted me a lot before that & i think she started to recognise me but when i asked her on snapchat to unblock me she LEFT ME ON READ)

    also i'm guessing bots will happen next year, i think they said they were just taking a years break? i'm hoping they'll do christmas queens again this year because i miss phi phi lmaoo
    my top 3 favourites are trinity taylor, phi phi & jujubee, & i've met a few queens but trinity, aja, and phi phi (and manila but we Don't Talk About Her since she blocked me on twitter) were the nicest to meet tbh

    they'll probably come to your country soon? hopefully!!
    i feel like i've heard the name before but i can't remember talking tbh (im SORRY my memory is terrible)

    have you watched all the seasons of drag race?
    omg sorry i dont go on this anymore lmaoo

    i was team trinity & she's still my favourite, although honestly all of the top 4 deserved to win. & ya i'm mzmingle!!
    Ooooo I think you should hold back watching No.6 as it contain yaoi! But if you're OK with that go ahead, I was out of anime from those genre so I asked one of my friend and she recommended me that one *sigh*....

    If not then I just recently watched this one "Code: Breaker" I haven't seen this one in your list and it's pretty cool too c: if you watched that too then Ergo Proxy: I was holding this one 'cause it contain androids etc but got good suspense. c:
    Ahhhh Mikoto is no.1 badass guy of all time xD Damn I didn't like season 2 that much but season 1 was freakin awesome
    Man you love that genres anime xD I gave quick look to your profile, you have watched most of anime i was going to recommend xD

    What about "No.6" or Guilty Crown?

    I saw you have watched K-project movie, K anime is also cool.
    I've watched log horizon but not Accel world. Should I give it a try?

    As for my recommendation...hmmm......What about Ghost in shell it's kind of similar to psycho pass. Just hit me up if you have watched it I'll recommend something else then.
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