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  • *hugs* I've been busy with work as usual. Accounting is a tough job. I've got too many deadlines to juggle lol. How have you been?
    I see you haven't logged in for a while but just wanted to say; cool profile!
    I forgot to record her :(

    They're pretty small bands, so I'm not surprised you haven't heard of them.
    It was a This Wild Life concert. The opener bands were Dryjacket and A Will Away.
    My friend won a contest and she got to go up and sing on stage. I was so proud of her!
    :P I told you I would sign up. I'm not supposed to say anything else though today, right? Well that's just fine! I've got this here Zelda BOTV, and a lovely afternoon swimming laps and lounging by the pool this afternoon, followed by a belated screening of last half of Game of Thrones, and I heard there's an amazing Aria moment this week, and a screening of the latest bill Mayer, followed by the crowning moment of my day where I read the last 11 chapters of Berserk set to some good music and god that pot I god was amazing, Sally really had been losing her edge, followed by further chatting or perhaps bed. What will I do with no more Berserk till December. Come on Mines! You've only been writing Berserk since 1988 think it's too much to ask for the damn ending!? Oops wrong reddit forum. Am I? ... where am I again? JK :P yeah so. I'm back on here. Without even the newest Pokemon I feel so naked... Creepy...
    Well enough horsing around...
    Talk later!
    it's alright. I haven't gotten to play very much though.
    so, I'm at a concert right now, but I'm sitting on the ground browsing Pokécommunity. x3
    I am so happy right now because I found my Final Fantasy game for the Wii, and I've missed it so much! :3
    Heyo :3

    So get this, I'm cleaning my room because I'm going to move around furniture and such, and I find so many spiders. pls help me
    *hugs* Thank you :3
    I actually have another color guard camp to go to this week too... But this one is just from 9-12 everyday, so I'll be able to come home and such! ^-^
    I'm so sorry, I was helping at my uncle's church camp and then I had a color guard camp to go to, and I just got back today. ;-;
    I have had such a busy summer...
    But I did manage to binge watch from season 1 to what there is of season 5 of Steven Universe in 3 days. That was fun :3
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