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  • Just only noticed... YouTube deleted my channel. 🤦‍♂️
    They said I have been committing violations of harmful and dangerous policy of which they were never specific about it. I don't even remember uploading or commenting anything violent. I tried appealing to have my channel back but they refused to... for no detailed reason again.

    It was a month ago my channel was taken down as I don't continue working on a ROM hack and as Xencleamas anymore. The truth is... as far as I still have a heart for it even I silently revamp and continue my "Dark Crystal" with the new methods of ROM hacking, I don't feel satisfied and I have finally lost passion. That's why I went hiatus and quiet.

    I'm happy for my time here learning little programming, making pixel arts, music edits, and the contributions on the MrDollSteak's Sugimori Palette project in which I worked a lot most. I bid a farewell to everyone here but I'm not deactivating this account. Who knows I might return or not so I considered this a motivation not to go back into the things I have finally lost satisfaction at... but at least I enjoyed the time.
    I need some help. I tried to add more moves to my Emerald hack, but when I tried changing the movesets and went to my game, it showed a white screen. Did I do something wrong?
    Hey, I saw you extended some of the Dark Violet Sound Track.
    Could you maybe do the Encounter Themes for Red, and Green? <3
    hey i saw your spriting abilities in the forums. was wondering if you're up for spriting some fakemon for me with the concept art i have. willing to commission you :]
    Thank you so much for telling me all these things! In fact, I have fixed Lance's sprite when I was trying to import the unused music. As for the battle backgrounds, I think I should consider about changing them later, because I need to move on to look for other rom hacks which can be fixed. So I think I should check it out when I have time to do something more for Dark Violet. To be honest, I was a hacker before, I have made my decision to quit rom hacking. However, I realized there is one more thing to be done before I leave, I want to bring some old hacks I liked back to life, they don't deserve to be forgotten, so I want to make them more playable so that more people can find out how good these hacks are. Thanks again for helping me to improve the unofficial patch of Dark Violet, I'm very appreciated for your suggestions.
    okay so today i expanded emerald upto 880 but when i put all my expanded offsets in G3HS everything works except move tutors it keeps giving me this error "move tutors have not been fully loaded because there was an error. either not enough moves were loaded due to a bad number in the ini or the learned data offset is bad/coruptted. the error occured trying to read the move #65535 the current number of moves is 510.

    okay so this is my G3HS ini

    name = Pokemon Emerald (E)
    gamecode = BPEE
    numberofpokes = 880
    pokebasestats = 0x9c3f90
    pokebasestatslength = 0x1C
    pokenames = 0x9c19c0
    pokenameslength = 0xB
    typenames = 0x9c1730
    typenameslength = 0x7
    numberoftypes = 24
    items = 0x5839a0
    numberofitems = 377
    itemsdatalength = 0x2C
    abilities = 0x31b6db
    numberofabilities = 78
    abiltiesnamelength = 0xD
    egggroups = Monster,Water1,Bug,Flying,Field,Fairy,Grass,Human-Like,Water3,Mineral,Amorphous,Water2,Ditto,Dragon,Undiscovered
    leveluptypes = Medium-Fast,Erratic,Fluctuating,Medium-Slow,Fast,Slow
    learnedmoves = 0x9c9fd0
    learnedmoveslength = 0x2
    attacknames = 0xe3cf80
    numberofattacks = 511
    attacknamelength = 0xD
    eggmovepointer1 = 0x703F0
    eggmovepointer2 = 0x70468
    eggmovelimit = 0x70464
    tmhmcompatibility = 0x9d6758
    tmhmcompatibilitylength = 8
    tmlist = 0x616040
    tmlistentrylength = 2
    numberoftms = 50
    numberofhms = 8
    evolutiontable = 0x9d90a0
    evolutionsperpoke = 5
    lengthofoneentry = 8
    evolutionmethods = Breeding Only,Friendship,Friendship (Day),Friendship (Night),Level-Up,Trade,Stone,Trade (Hold Item),ATK > DEF,ATK = DEF,ATK < DEF,PID (Wurmple->Silcoon),PID (Wurmple->Cascoon),Spawn a Second,Create Spawn,Beauty
    evomethodsproperties = None,None,None,None,Level,None,Item,Item,Level,Level,Level,Level,Level,Level,Level,None
    evolutiontablepointers = 0x6D140,0x6D190,0x6D234,0x6D384,0x70030,0x13E558
    offsetstochangetolslr0r60x1 = 0x6D170,0x6D38E,0x6D1DC,0x6D238,0x6D248,0x6D272,0x6D29C,0x6D2CA,0x6D2EA,0x6D30E,0x6D31E
    offsetstochangetonewminus1 = 0x6D338,0x6D3AA,0x70036
    theshedinjafix = 0x13E3FA
    changetonewnumbertimes8 = 0x7001E,0x70054,0x70022,0x70056
    pokedex = 0x9e9470
    lengthofpokedexentry = 0x20
    nationaldexorder = 0x9e80f0
    numofnondexpokesbetweencelebiandtreeko = 25
    numofnondexpokesafterchimecho = 28
    dextype = E
    jambo51learnedmovehack = False
    numofpokesbetweencelebiandtreeko = 25
    movetutorcomp = 0x9d82dc
    movetutorcomplen = 4
    movetutorattacks = 0x61500c
    mtattackslen = 2
    mtattacksnum = 32
    frontspritetable = 0x9cad94
    backspritetable = 0x9cc918
    frontpalettetable = 0x9ce49c
    shinypalettetable = 0x9d0020
    enemyytable = 0x9d3728
    playerytable = 0x9d1ba4
    enemyaltitudetable = 0x9d52ac
    iconspritetable = 0x9d5620
    iconpalettetable = 0x9d63e4
    iconpalettes = 0xdde1f8
    numiconpalettes = 3
    footprints = 0x9e1a24
    locationnames = 0x5A1480
    locationstart = 0x0
    locationend = 0xD4
    locationtblfmt = 2

    and this is my expanded offsets

    pokemon names = 9C19C0
    pokemon base stats = 9C3F90
    pokemon movesets = 9C9FD0
    front sprites/PokemonAnimations = 9CAD94
    back sprites = 9CC918
    normal palette = 9CE49C
    shiny palette = 9D0020
    player Y = 9D1BA4
    enemy Y = 9D3728
    altitude = 9D52AC
    icons = 9D5620
    icon palette control = 9D63E4
    Tm compatability = 9D6758
    tutor compatability = 9D82DC
    evolutions = 9D90A0
    footprints = 9E1A24
    cry table = 9E27E8
    cry table 2 = 9E512C
    axuillary cry table = 9E7A70
    national dex = 9E80F0
    hoenn dex(pokedex) = 9E8770
    hoenn dex(summary) = 9E8DF0
    pokedex entries = 9E9470

    please help me with this it would be greatly appreciated
    alright sky i have a question on the flame orb and toxic orb for emerald? i dont understand on step 2 it says:

    Now expand the table in such a way that XX XX XX 08 (Don't use +1 in this case) is the second last entry of the table (do not remove the old entries). This ensures that the orbs will activate at the extreme end of a turn after ingrain, weather damage etc.
    The last entry should be 04 13 04 08 (which is there in the original) because it successfully terminates the operation of this table.
    Since the no. of entries in the table have been changed to 0x14 from 0x13, we need to break the limiters. Goto x409B2 and x41330 and insert 0x14 there

    please help thx
    I have returned for a short time. Since I'm working full time, now, I hardly have time for anything. Then I have about 6 other hobbies I enjoy. Pokemon was my childhood. I'm not going to give up, but I may have to postpone my interests to live.
    HEY SKY just one question do u happen to have a patch with the three working commands and that has expanded pokedex with either 650 or 721 because i know youre dark crystal hack has it but im wondering if u made a patch for it? if u did can i have it i cant seem to get any new abilites to work as well as mega evolution wont work because i dont have the three commands as well
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