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  • I'm planning to do a dynamic rombase for emerald, I'm already a little advanced.
    I'll try to use and eventually fix jambo method.
    So I started to write the move set, I've already done the first gen.

    So, if you're motivated enough, start from deoxys, then rayq, groudon, etc..
    In that format :
    .align 2
    .hword 0
    .byte 0xFF
    okay sky high i completed all the steps and i have a new expanded battle script commands table but the thing is i dont think the setword command or battle string loader hack is working for me i put the setword command in a free space offset at B6B5F0 and then at the second FE FE FE 08 i put the pointer F0 B5 B6 is this correct? and also for the battle script loader hack i put it at a free offset at E45760 and then at the third FE FE FE 08 i put the pointer to 60 57 E4 is this correct? and BTW i put these two pointers on the new expanded FE FE FE 08s down below and not on the already used ones just so u know i hope u can help me fix this problem this is the reason why moxie wont work and neither the type absorb abilites thx sky for always being paitent with me :)
    Also, if you have a rom with moveset having Jambo's format, could you test again the routine the chinese posted? I edited my fix, perhaps it does work now, at least for leveling up.
    I'll probably be able to fix the rest.

    Or perhaps a better solution : If you have such a rom, could you send it to me ?
    hey sky high i have a question how exactly do u put a battle script into the rom and see the contents in a hex editor because when i put a battle script into bsp and i save it then i open it in a hex editor it gives me huge amounts of code and on the side where the "description of the battle script is" it has the same exact stuff as what i wrote in BSP so i was wondering if im doing it right and if not which is probably the case then how? thx plz reply back soon
    It's not Add. It actually is AND. It's checking to see if the byte in the stored type loc has been edited.
    Please msg me back I wrote u a pm and also can u tell me exactly how to expand the battle script commands table I'm quite confused? Thx
    Afaik the species seen in the facilities aren't supposed to appear in the pokédex. I guess that chaos rush's port broke something in this function, unless it was already present in SBird's expansion
    Now I'm messing around with move animations, so I'm following Chaos Rush's tutorial. Do you know where I can get documentation for all the Emerald pointers? From what I've read, they're the only things you need to modify to port an animation from FireRed.
    Whoa, that's gonna take a bit of work :P Is there anything else of this sort that I should be aware of when clearing out the other tables?
    So I cleared out my old move tables after expanding and repointing them, and it seems to have "blanked out." HM moves in the Pokemon Menu. You can still select them and use them though. Did I end up clearing out something important?
    Don't worry that was very clear lol

    I'll see what I can do, in my rom I actually removed the animation, so I'll see what I can do.

    Currently I'm working on making it support multi, because double and multi are really different for the engine, so is it for the Mega mechanic. But the engines does really weird, useless and annoying things sometimes. Also, I finally rewrote it and it's a WAY easier and faster to insert.

    Last point, I found a better way to insert animation, something totally automated for the user, you should use this too, and I think I'll post in the thread maybe, because it's so much more convenient.
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