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  • Even with job, you should find a bit of time to post on PC =D
    Yep, I changed my username, usertitle, user color and I keep on posting =D
    About this post...

    You know I do think you're onto something there. There seems to be this bias towards 1st-3rd Gen Pokemon isn't there? I guess it's because of the nostalgia.
    Hello there, alienhunterx. I've seen you around, so... how are you today?
    And thanks for your friend request.
    Hi there, are you still able to help with White Screen error on Pokemon Light Platinum for GPSPHONE OR GBA4IOS?

    It works fine on VBA for computer, but I need help to get it to work for iPhone.

    Because what you said was "Well I really liked the English song of Black and White and the Dekorora one of Japanese".

    Referring to the Black and White English song means the theme song. English dubs do not have ending songs. This implies that you are also talking about the opening of Decolora. If you would like to repost and actually discuss that topic at hand, I suggest you tell us the specific titles of songs.
    Ah, okay. :P I stopped reading the manga mid-Johto, yet I felt as though Agatha disappearing happened in Kanto (and I just forgot.)
    Didn't know why you sent me a friend request,
    if memory serves right, we didn't have any direct interactions yet.
    Though if it makes you happy, then so be it! {:3}
    Oh, that is so very nice of you! Of course that is okay :) It's not "our" threads, it's the community's threads after all. I wish more people saw the manga contest, haha. The pokémon voting tournament is pretty popular though, so maybe we'll actually get some trustworthy answers to who is really PC's favorite pokémon eventually.
    If you want to advertise the voting thread in your signature, go right ahead! Every little bit helps out in spreading the word!
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