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  • Just wanted to say that you misread my thread. The thread is about catching Pokemon over level 100, not level 100 Pokemon.
    Well you have great taste XNaut!

    Pimpnite happens to be my favorite poketuber too, so that's something cool we have in common. I love his theme teams and how he challenges himself with not fully evolved pokemon. I know the video you are talking about when he stalls out with Venusaur, that was really suspenseful. I also like it when Pimpnite opens fan mail. I am sure he will have a good let's play/walkthrough for Sword and Shield
    I glad you are well. I haven't got a Nintendo Switch either yet. But when pokemon Sword and Shield are released I will buy a Switch lite and pokemon Shield. I love Galarian Ponyta. I watch pokemon let's play walkthroughs sometimes too, let me know if you have any favorite poketubers :)

    Of all the gen 8 Pokemon revealed so far which one do you like best?
    Hey girl! Just checking in with you to see how you're doing. /Hugs
    I hope you are well. Are you looking forward to journeying to Galar?

    All good things your way
    Hi XNaut! I hope you had a wonderful time with your sister. I think you mentioned that you guys are twins, which is super cool!

    Hope your holidays have been lovely, and I wish you a happy New Year's Eve! See you in 2019.

    Hi XNaut! I hope you are doing great. It feels wonderful to have Pokecommunity back again.

    Snowboarding sounds cool, that I have never done. Looks difficult, but like a fun adventure. The are where I live happened to get a lot of snow this weekend over 14 inches, so it meant days off from work, and off from school for everybody. The holiday lights are going up and snowmen. You can hear carols everywhere, its nice.

    Wishing you warm, safe and happy days.

    Right now I'm living in the southeast so its a roll of the dice whether or not I'll get snow. It gets very cold, but snow hasn't been falling these last few years, but it does happen ocassionally here :P

    Stay warm,
    The Mystery of the Lighthouse is really different from the pace and style of the show normally , and that I think makes it interesting. I want THAT really humongous Dragonite. He would be perfect for a totem Pokemon.

    Those are all very solid films. I've seen them all, except the newest one The Power of Us My favorite of the movies is this Rise of Darkrai. I love the song Oracion.

    Have a good weekend! Any snow falling your way yet? :D
    So you are a Kanto girl then:)
    Cool, I still like a lot of gen I Pokemon. I still think the first starters are the best, though the gen 3 ones are a close second, and Hoenn is my fav region overall.

    Mewtwo has a great design, very sleek and imposing so I can see why you would it pick. My favorite Pokemon is Dragonite, for similar reasons that he was the Pokemon that helped me win battles as a kid. I also loved him because his line was the first and only dragon,a magical creature from mythology I immediately recognized. Going to safari zone to fish for dratini and raising it to a high level was work, so finally obtaining what I worked for meant a lot. But again, there are so many good choices of the original 151 Pokemon that it is tough to pick. I like most of them,

    Unova is also up there in my top 3 too. While some gens I like better than others, I like parts of every gen. Do you ever watch the Pokemon movies?

    Have an awesome week!
    Starting a new file is always fun, so I totally understand that. I had to get pokebank so i wouldn't be torn between beginning a new adventure and keeping a Pokemon I'm attached to, so that has helped me out a lot with storage.For now I'll send you a Milotic hug or coil. You can always chill here at my beach with Milotic if things get tough.

    "MILOTIC live at the bottom of large lakes. When this POKéMON's body glows a vivid pink, it releases a pulsing wave of energy that brings soothing calm to restless spirits." -Pokemon Sapphire

    I'd love to know more about your favorite mons. Jigglypuff and Mew seem close to your heart :)
    Any favorite games or regions?

    I'm glad for you! You deserve something nice.

    What kind of Milotic would you like? I have males and females, abs any ability you want. My favorite is marvel scale, but I definitely have the competitive and cute charm ones too, all have good natures and IVS so they will be strong in battle. I also can give you a shiny Milotic if you want a second one. The shinies have random natures since I got them via chain fishing, but eveb if not the strongest a shiny Milotic might still make a pretty addition to your collection! I just want to get these guys to a good home.

    Have a warm winter XNaut! Luckily I haven't gotten sick yet either. *knocks wood* Let's hope our luck holds out!

    Hi XNaut,

    How are you doing? I want to wish you happy Thanksgiving. I know you work, so hopefully you'll get some nice time off to relax. This time of year makes me really thankful for all of my friends, and its long overdue for me to reach out to you. You are a lot of fun. Wishing you well.

    If you ever need an extra Milotic I got a ton left over from September Serpents!

    Happy Holidays!

    Game is a Turn-Based game where you move your Pokemon around a square based grid. There are obstacles such as Trees and Lakes that are inaccessible except only to Pokemon with the ability to enter them. Movement is similar to that of a Rook(aka the Castle-like Chess Piece), only that you're not limited to one direction when moving and you're only limited by your Pokemon's movement. My Pokemon is Mozilla(a Kanto Vulpix) with a movement of 6, hence I can move 1 square to the left and five squares up if i so choose or 3 squares to the left and 3 squares down. So long as its no more than 6 and not violating any of the movement rules(which he has posted on page 1), its a valid move.

    Now when executing a move, you may move your Pokemon up to your movement and then have several options. You can either execute an Attack(from the four attacks randomly given to you by Lycan and each Attack has a certain range or limitations to its use. I and everyone in the game can help you with this as I'm new to the game too as I've never played anything PMD related), pick up an item(Lycan will randomly place items on the ground for us to pick up in the form of Pokeballs), interact with NPC's(so far I haven't witnessed that) or Sprint(a second movement action where you can move again up to your movement total. In my case I could move an additional 6 squares).

    Once everyone on our side makes our move, Lycan takes over as the Gamemaster and moves the Enemy faction. A battle is considered over when all Enemy Pokemon have been fainted or if we all fall to the Enemy's actions(would be unfortunate but its a possibility). So far no one has fallen to Lycan's actions in the first battle and he's still taking sign-ups. We had three people(MysticalNinetales, Nah and Caite-Chan) join us in the current round. They chose Pachirisu, Gible and Magnemite respectively. Whatever non-legendary/non-mythical Pokemon that is a NFE(non-final evolution) you want, you can be. You'll also need to pick an ability(Hidden Abilities aren't allowed), a gender and a Nickname for your Pokemon(although this last one is optional).

    Hence the sign-up would be like so:

    Name: Xnaut(or nickname for Pokemon)
    Pokemon: Vulpix(Kanto) <- example
    Ability: Flash Fire <- example
    Gender: Female(or Male or N/A if Pokemon happens to be genderless)

    VM or PM that to Lycan and he'll place you on the board. If you're wondering what everyone else picked, we got a Vulpix(Kanto), Vulpix(Alola), Scyther, Zangoose, Archen, Absol, Mimikyu, Marill, Slakoth, Rowlet, Ralts, Shinx, and Wailmer. You're welcome to go as one of those or a different species. Pretty much w/e you want so long as its not mythical or legendary.

    Not knowing how to play is not an excuse in my book. I'm completely new to it and I make mistakes all the time. In fact I'm mistake prone to where I :15: <- aka I mess up. Give it some thought and if you want to play, go contact Lycan
    Just curious but have you considered joining the Fire Type Emblem game or are you simply not interested? Had three new players join during the current round and there's still time to join in if you happen to be interested. Just give Lycan a VM/PM and you'll be on your way.
    My post in the have you ever game was a Veggietales reference I loved the heck out of that show when I was a kid
    I did join BulbGarden as VisionofMilotic. I have some fantastic news too, pokecommunity is staying open I just got this update https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=406400

    I'm thrilled. Some of the mods never left and still work here, some mods are still here socially not technically mods anymore, others are sadly gone but could possibly come back now that the administer has resigned. There are also people volunteering to help here at the community either behind the scenes or officially receiving positions here now. I'd be a bit intimidated, but if Pokecommunity still needs more staff then I would even ask to become mod. This is our home :)
    Thank you. Im not on bulbagarden, but I have been meaning to get on for awhile. So if our pokecommunity home disappears I will hop into a lifeboat there and remember Jinjo. I also just joined ProjectPokemon today as VisionofMilotic. Its smaller than both pokecommunity and bulbagarden, but I think it could be fancied up if fans from this community go there. My hope is that nothing happens to this place, I will be so sad but I don't think it will come to that. I think that this is a storm that will eventually blow over. Wishing on a Jirachi for pokecommunity to make it.
    Hi XNaut,

    How are you? I was writing to you because I was wondering if you use any other Pokemon or gaming sites or social media in general? The pokecommunity is changing and I hope that this forum contnues, but if the new situation leads to the discontinuation of the site would you like to keep in touch on another platform? I see you on here almost every day now and find your posts very energetic and fun.
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