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  • Yup, you can't get the third unless you see each other, so we no longer have to be online to get the third. Even if I were idle for five minutes, you appear, then disappear 20 seconds later, we've "seen" each other and we can get the third without connecting again. :)
    Got them! Took about a dozen encounters to find the first of the trio, but I located Butterfree (I actually use a Compound Eyes one for thieving operations!), Masquerain, and Pinsir - all Bugs, as you probably know. :)

    I'll update your line in the list with that!
    Are you seeing all three of mine? I don't show you connecting online yet; we have to "See" each other, meaning we're online at the same time (I am now), in order to see the third.
    Ah, you weren't there when you sent that, but you just appeared. :)

    Checking someone's third, then I'll check yours. Pop online a second so I can get all three. :)
    Hey. Did you go ahead and add me yet? We need to see each other online so I can check your entire Safari. :) I'm standing by ready to check, just waiting on you. ;)
    Hi! Have you figured out your Friend Safari Pokémon yet? In reading your profile, it would be ironic if you have Water type {XD} but I can help you find out if you don't know yet. Just add me and find me online and I can take a look, then fill it out for you. :)
    please make our userbars, please.....
    I'm having school again today but I'm getting good grades so I shall endure it <3
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