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  • Hey Janelle congratulations, you're now Captain XxSheepyxX & also have two special privileges. Check out the Club Thread & let me know there, who you want as your bonus partner & whether you're gonna change/evolve your Starter :).
    Still nothing from me, but the Pikaclone fakemons I posted seem to be getting popular ahaha.

    Hey just noticed something sis, so as a friend thought I should tell ya. The pest I was talking about earlier, saw him on you Friends List too, (the Dialga guy), just be a little careful.
    Yeah i was looking for a pic to cheer you up^^
    I could sleep for days..but cats start screaming at ~5:40 xD and im like...nooooooo plzzzzzz....link and ruffy :P

    Why no tattoos?:0
    I got a charizard:D
    Breaking the 4th wall..maybe im doing a vlog and show it idunno^^

    Aw thats cute. Don't hasitate ^^ you don't have to^^

    I have to cheer me up a bit...im kinda in the mood to quit again ... bit i won't lose the way ^^

    And yeah friends know better about you sometimes..listen to them:)
    Think about good stuff in your life... its to short to be sad:D
    I tried reverse image searching but had no luck... ; ;' lol. Trying to dig around for something to replace it with now, preferably pretty TCG artwork since I love those but.. they're usually too detailed for my simplistic profile. I'll have to do some editing =o
    Thnx for appreciating my pics. The pic on which you commented was a pic of a god of our religion lord Krishna and his lover Radha.
    I'm fine what about you? Just having a bit of an issue with a pest here on PC >:(, but I think I put him in his place.

    Oh anyways. Hey I loved "Ultricae", ahaha. I haven't been able to think of anything yet, am not a very creative person haha.
    Oh.. Okay .. thats not really good =/ are you feeling ok now?
    I hope you and your friend are not fighting or stuff like that :O

    Aaaaand a good night rest is the best rest XD I love to sleep XP..who doesn't?!

    Yeah my channel is doing okay.. would be cool if some people would replay on stuff I am talking XD but ...I dunno...maybe they are shy ..maybe my content isn't that great..who knows XD

    Today I am feeling AMAZING!

    I've got a new tattoo a view hours ago =D
    Cadet XxSheepyxX, I'm pleased to inform you that you have been promoted & will hereby be know as Lieutenant XxSheepyxX {XD} & with just one more post, you can be further promoted to the Rank of Captain ;).

    I hope you did notice the Ranking System & Rule Additions on the Club Thread. Your take?
    Well i gotta go on my 3DS when i get home and check to see if they are there then all I have to do is get them cloned but I may already have clones and if I do thatll make it simpler so it depends on those haha

    Id say later in the week tho :3
    Sorry for not beeing online the last few day. I was busy recording and working
    Life used Life pressure. It was super effective^^
    - I'm K.O. -

    How are you? What's going on in your life?=) ( If I may ask)
    Well then I have nothing xD I mostly only have shinies along with some ball pokemon but thats about it sorry!
    Alright so
    I got a shiny 5iv trecko with unburden
    And a shiny 6iv torchic with speedboost
    Now i havent gone on my 3ds in ages but according to my list i have them somwhere xD anyone else youd like me to check?
    alright ill take a look in a minute im actually redesigning my shop today so if i forget just remind me xD
    Okay so which ones would you like me to specifically look for? Do they have to be like 1st evolution or can they be final? ;3
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