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  • Thanks for the birthday wish!! :3

    And do post it on the thread if you're comfortable enough with it :) You don't have to if you don't want to haha.
    Supporter tiers can't be transferred to new accounts. You need to donate again to get supporter on the new account. Emblems can be transferred by PMing any staff member.
    Can you please go back to your previous account or make a new one - it's annoying when there are two users with similar usernames.
    Yes, it's 2 weeks early, but I don't know if I will still active in Pokecommunity when that day comes (coz I will be going somewhere to celebrate it), so... that's why I make this theme now.
    I don't remember what it said, so instead I'll reply with something totally different!

    Haha I finally know what you mean by your one eye smaller than the other. x) Nice picture~
    No, those are perfectly original photos taken with a perfectly normal camera without any editing whatsoever. I'm just saying that the camera doesn't like my face much lol, only in certain angles. Those photos aren't my best.

    Haha do show them to me if you have any. Send them via PM if you wish. :)
    Hahaha I don't consider myself the photogenic type, but thank you all the same. :3 I tend to look different in person compared to photos.
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