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  • I'm afraid you'll have to give me more details on your game. You also seem to have used the wrong form. Re-read the OP, please. :)
    Regarding your issue about the image not being the right size and the colors being messed up, you'll have to read some tutorials on that stuff. Like my thread says, the images aren't indexed, so they can't be inserted into a ROM hack in their current state. Someone, or you, will need to put them through a program such as IrfanView to index them. Then, the inserting process will go just dandy. Ask around the ROM hacking section, and everyone will know what you're talking about. They can help you a lot.

    And yes, I think I already told you, but my friend countryemo is right. Anyone can use those 2 sprites of Nitro now. I don't make sprites exclusively for one person....at least so far.
    I think you might want to to try posting your request in the request thread. If my friend does it (icy) Any hacker or game maker can use it. :P
    I finished Nitro's battle sprite. It might need a tweaking or two, but tell me how you like it. It's posted in my thread.

    EDIT: haha sorry, I made a mistake with the request details! I gave him different pants and shoes than what you wanted by accident! I was too wrapped up in my spriting and my concept I had for him. I'll change it tomorrow.

    EDIT AGAIN: It's finished!
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