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  • Okay, Well basically I'd like the a Blue and purple Pokemon Logo. Sicne the game is Zircon and quartz and Zircon is noted as blue and Quartz is noted as purple usually.
    Shapes (like shards) are protruding in the backround and they're noteably purple and blue.
    But could you make it somewhat like Red Gyrados's? That was cool looking.
    I hope I made sense, I tend not to sometimes.
    Thanks :)
    Hey, when you get this, obviously you aren't around for now, can you make a logo for my fangame?
    Oh and of course you will get something in the game as well, perhaps a trainer or NPC. (and obviously full credits in the thread and in-game).
    Hey Yourself, when you finally come back to PC would you mind helping me? I really need a logo for my game Pokemon Garnet and a title screen and I was wondering if you would make one for me? I saw the ones you have made for other people and they are really well done.
    Hey if you get this and your not busy i would really like to talk to you about making my freind game logo that he could put in his tread plz thanks =)

    Merry Chrismas
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