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  • Hi! This is a profile update. My name is Ys, I'm bigender, 30 years old, go by she/they/he. Please mix them up. Thanks. If you'd like to talk to me, contact me through discord on Ys#8233 (please let me know who you are if you do).
    Enjoying vacation, building some model kits I had lying around, playing video games, ordering cardboard.

    Oh yeah we can talk through Discord sure, don't think I have you added yet though, my tag is Kurosaki#9933 :D
    Ummm in OR; I ended up with Charizard X, Dragalge, Tyrantrum, Garchomp, and Druddigon.

    Ultra Sun, I had, Sceptile, Ampharos, Kingdra, Garchomp, Tyrantrum, and Kommo-O.

    Tyrantrum/Strong Jaw/ Crunch is very useful.
    No you're nowhere near the only one lmao...well, he's based off "Ping" a chinese blue bird of mythic origin which has some draconian features, and the Japanese name also takes inspiration from a constellation which is also draconian...sooo, more the origins I suppose lol.
    That does sound nice aswell. The kind of music I like is very varied, ranges from a lot of genres and video game OST's xD
    So I don't just use just a set team of 6 in my games. I use them all, switching around based on what the gyms call for. Ultimately of course though there's always a set end game of 6. I had Mega Altaria as like, my top number 1, highest leveled in my recent OR.
    Altaria is always great fun and never really tough to use, and a lv 35 fully evolved Dragon is always nice lmao...he's definitely more defensive/special /utility based though than an all-out attacker...

    Which I suppose is definitely somewhat unique for the Dragon typing...

    MEGA ALTARIA though absolutely recieves the boost it needs big time-before he was just around Noivern level with better defenses...Mega though is right up there with any higher up Dragon no doubt...plus gaining full immunity from Dragon type moves? Insane power addition.
    Playing Yu-Gi-Oh and other video games, working from home, listening to music and the such, what about you? :o
    Ah, good to hear that it's been going well! I've been... allright I suppose, bit the same as you, could be better but been swell so far.
    Iron Tail with Dragonite handles, Ice, Fairy, AND Rock...which is essentially all weaknesses.

    Druddigon has sooo many different combinations.

    Dialga is a better choice over Palkia because while both aren't weak to Ice like other Dragons, Dialga is NOT weak to Fairy as well...and is also strong against both-which are notorious problems for Dragon types, so he's really like the ultimate weapon on super Dragon teams.

    I mean...I was intrigued by the possibilities of another new Dark Dragon type ...then I saw how legitimately bad Guzzlord was all around, and even his only good stats aren't that great. Plus he looks like ONE OF THE BULKIEST TANK pokemon ever...but has no defenses at all lmao.
    Dragonair and Dragonite are amazing, absolutely some of the best right there. I have some with Extreme Speed and Iron Tail actually lol...some favorites are, Druddigon, Mega Sceptile, Garchomp is always amazing, Dragalge and Naganadel are great Fairy counters, just wish they were slightly better in other areas, and Dialga is essentially the ultimate Dragon.

    I might end up very disappointed with Guzzlord though lol.
    I once was like you...taming various Dragons and enjoying them...but...I have ascended...I have owned and evolved every single Dragon...over and over again, and now use nothing but them in every single game lol. 🤴👑🐲🐉
    Dragon Tamer hm? I am The King. I'm expanding the kingdom. It's lovely to meet you and you're welcome to join lol ??????
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