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Yue Han
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  • I'd love to hear more about your travels! It seems like you had a very dynamic summer indeed, both at home and abroad.

    You come from a country with such a rich and dramatic history. I hope to visit England one day. My family and I had actually planned to visit the United Kingdom this summer, but we had some scheduling conflicts, but hopefully next year we can see England.

    I wanted to thank you for recommending the series Britain's Bloody Crown by Dan Jones. I absolutely loved it, each episode was better than the last. I really came to a deeper appreciation of Margaret Beaufort, the episode A Mother's Love was the best of all. I was blinking back tears by the end.

    As for Edward IV, you know his marriage to Elizabeth Woodville is actually a requirement for liking him, right? You think I don't love for him for that reason too? :) It's not every day a king defies his counsel and rejects a French princess to marry a "commoner" for love. She brings no money, land or armies to him, just herself. That's a true romantic. It also means it's time to grab the popcorn, the outrage and action starts like when Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn.

    Another reason that I am drawn to Edward is his courage and devotion to his house, especially considering his young age. If Margaret Beaufort's story is A Mother's Love, you might call the story of Edward's early years A Son's Love. Edward gets dragged into this chaos as a teenager because of his father. This was a civil war between Richard Duke of York and Margaret of Anjou. It probably wasn't a fun time for Edward to have his fortunes taken, be seperated from his family and country, live on the run and go charging into battle, but his father's life was on the line, his whole family was. A situation had been constructed for Edward where winning the war was the only option left that could result in this kid and everyone he held dear not being destroyed. Edward had to go all of the way. It's the situation the Starks find themselves in. Fortunately for Edward there's a happy ending, and he ultimately is able avenge his brother and father and do what his father could not. I think his dad would have been incredibly proud of him.

    Dragons are the best. They're my favorite Pokemon type! I'd love to know yours.
    Yes like has an incredible smell. I like rose for the look, though the scent is nice too, but lilac is something else! The scent that gets me the most intoxicated though would he gardenia.

    You get my seal of approval to just be a dragon. If you ever want be a snapdragon like me though just let me know ^_^
    Hope your autumn days are looking bright!

    Hi there Yue Han! How is going friend? I was wondering if by now you have made the big move. I moved around a whole lot in life so I know the feeling. It can be overwhelming like you know you're forgetting something, but you can't remember what is. No matter how much time you have you never seem to have enough. And money makes you just tear our your hair. Then sometimes there's feelings of sadness for things you leave behind, but also hopefully a good feeling and mystery about where you are going. I hope you have settled in nicely or are getting ready too.

    You know I watched The Devil's Crown on YouTube :nod:
    Henry II is really quite a monarch. I'll aways have a special place for him in my heart. He's so boisterous, clever and charismatic. Even though I loved Thomas Beckett and get mad at Henry for how get let it go down with Beckett, and even though Henry wasn't good at being a father or a husband, you do get the feeling that there was love in him, for all his displays of temper. You just can't hate Henry. I think he was probably the best king of the medieval era. He was a good war time king and soldier and also a good king in times of peace that actually improved the government and took interest in the common people. He was a survivor.

    My favorite king is Edward IV but he was better as a war king than a peace king, the real Robert Baratheon.
    If you love Henry II I wanted to ask if you had seen the play about him The Lion in Winter? It's one of my favorite plays ever and there are movie versions.

    Targaryen sounds like a great choice for you. Let's hope your coin lands the right way!

    I think I am a Tyrell. My favorite flower happens to be a rose and I come from a family of gardeners. I don't mind a nice peaceful and beautiful environment. The women in my family are strong and independent. I am not a person who is dramatic on the outside like the Targaryens or Lannister, but I am a tree with solid roots that is stable.
    Hi! How are you Yue Han? Sorry for the late response. Things have been zany for me of late. There never seem to be enough hours in the day. I did want to get back into this though, because you raised some interesting points.

    My favorite english Royal family happens to be the Plantagenets too. They were a dramatic bunch from the start of their line during The Anarchy with Geoffrey the fair and Henry II and Maude to their fall with Richard III as the last Plantagenet king and Edward the 17th earl of Warwick last to bear the family name I think.

    This weekend I was just watching a tv series with my mom called the Devil's Crown about Henry II, Thomas Becket, Eleanor of Aquitaine, King John, Richard the Lionheart and mote. Have you ever seen a play called The Lion in Winter? That has to be my favorite on the subject.

    Warm regards Yue Han! Hope you are having a good weekend.


    P.S. Which Game of Thrones House do you think you would belong to?
    where did you move to?! oh, are you prepping to move in august, right? i've been pretty well, just working. going on vacation twice this month, so i'm pretty pumped for that!
    If you're still around, can you explain your reasoning why you didn't like her, because I'm curious.
    She had to have a lot of courage and cleverness. I can't even imagine what Margaret Beaufort went through, her father dying she was just a baby, being married at 12. I also appreciate her endowment of colleges and charity. I like people who give back when they are in a position of strength to do so.

    I love Game of Thrones! I like the idea of Dany being Margaret Beaufort. I hadn't thought of it, but it makes perfect sense, especially with her being the mother of dragons since the dragon was a symbol for Wales and Henry Tudor!

    Martin definitely loved The War of Roses as much as we do!! I think the Percy Neville feud partially inspired the Red Wedding with the Heworth Moor attack though it isn't talked about as much as other connections like the Black Dinner. Martin even has his own Mad King and definitely the Baratheons are the three sons of York. King Robert is Edward IV, Stannis is Richard III People say Theon is George Duke of Clarence but I say it was always Renley.
    Don't worry about it - I asked!
    I'm glad your job was flexible about it, but geez. I'm so sorry to hear that. My condolences, friend. Yeah, when you get back in August that'll be... a weird adjustment.
    I hope you're able to cherish the memories & time y'all had together.
    things have been a lot better now that my show is over!! i mean, it's been over for like a month now, but..yeah. it's nice to not have to stress. how've you been? traveling?
    Happy belated birthday! How was Korea? I've just been increasingly stressed, mainly due to two actors being flaky as well. One cannot learn his lines (he has a lot, and carries a lot of scenes later on), and the other never shows up to rehearsal.

    I'll probably have to fill in for the former, which is nerve wracking on its own. I've been directing, so shifting gears to acting and memorizing a lot of lines in less than two weeks sounds rough. Trying to find a replacement for the other guy though.
    Why didn't you like May/Dawn in the anime? I read your post in that thread but I don't see why you feel they were Mary sue types. I also don't get why May made you stop watching, she had the funny outgoing personality with a mix of tomboyish/girly traits and was one of the most developed characters, and Dawn followed similar. What oddly made you dislike them?
    You don't have to try it out :P it's a feature that will eventually be rolled out. As far as color you like - do you mean like the background color on the forum? If so..yeah, I think they're eventually going to begin posting over old themes to the New User Interface.

    Anyway, it's all good re: the director. I worked with her from 2012 to 2017, so there was a lot of pent up..frustration.

    How's it going?
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