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  • Happy Birthday!!
    Same ol' same ol' pretty much. As for me, I still haven't been able to manage finding someone to play Smash with here either because of connectivity issues or mismatched schedules. However, I started playing Animal Crossing again thanks to the fan club here.
    Hello, it's been a while. Sorry for not logging into Skype lately... ^^;
    How have you been?
    I'm sorry about that :(
    In my timezone though, it's usually pretty late, usually after school, sometimes until 9PM(GMT)
    Oh hey Yukiyo,
    I've had a few hours so I'm pretty much charged up yes. :)
    How are you doing?
    I've never got the chance to play Starbound, but yeah, I heard of it. I do have Terraria however.
    Anyway, those games you listed sound fun, especially Dragon Age, and Skyrim's on my wishlist on Steam (lol)
    Aaww.... thanks! I love your avatar, it's so cute! I totally love Swablu! Well, I'm glad my music taste isn't that abnormal for people! magic
    I'm great, thanks! How are you? :)
    As for games I like, I'd say probably Open-world games/sandbox games. And of course, Pokemon lol.
    What are yours? ^^
    We can still play sometime if you'd like. I tried adding you from logging into the NA version of D3 to see if that works. I don't mind starting a new character from scratch but I don't know if you play seasons or regular.

    And I haven't even planned that yet! Haha. I'll just go as I see fit. What did you choose?
    Oh, right, sorry. I forgot to mention that I play on EU, dumb me. I'd have to switch regions.
    Tried to send you another request, don't know if it worked. My BTAG is Alex#14267.
    I added you! I'd love to play!

    I still actively play League with my friends. Nearing 3-4 years of time played myself, still not tired of it. :) (invested too much money lol)

    Aah, I'm about to try out Inquisition here soon whenever it's arrived for my brothers PS4! I heard it was pretty good and it made me really want to try it.

    My favourite LoL champs is Cho'Gath, Lee Sin, Zed and Garen. How about you?
    I play loads of games! SC2, D3, LoL, HearthStone, Path of Exile and the list goes on. What about you? I noticed that you also like to play D3. :3
    Oooh a lot; Persona 3, Persona 4, Persona Q, Tales series, Fire Emblem, Ace Attorney, and many other JRPG games. :3

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