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  • LOL yeah. His gaming interests are no where near mine.
    I'm Nintendo + Hitman all the way. MARIO FTW.

    Also, that song in my blog entry is classified as Alternative Hiphop, which is defined as a mix of Hiphop and Rap. :p
    We haven't talked in a while, how have you been?

    Also, nice profile.
    I've only just seen the bug you've got with your game XD. I've got a few questions, when did this start happening, i.e did you do a few maps saved and it started happening or just randomly occurred the next time you loaded up the project? Does it still do it on a completely fresh copy of essentials? If you need to, send your scripts file over and I'll see if it's still bugged on my side, it might be just an issue on your computer.
    Well, its kinda me who asked him to do that.... Anyways, I told him this..
    Um, may you replie me in pm and get rid of all the mistakes you pointed out to me in in the thread. I now think your just trying to humiliate me to death. I reconized what I did wrong. I asked you politely to point out my mistakes, but why did you reply to my thread? Couldn't you do it in a PM?

    He told me this...
    I replied to you in the thread because that was where the discussion was taking place.

    You posted "Link removed. That was one of the minor mistakes, are there any big ones? Big bugs? I don't really think spelling is a big deal. Is there anything else serious? All these spelling mistakes can be spotted, sorry for the inconvenience. I mean tested, as in all bugs and movement errors. I did indeed test this, but I don't believe there are huge amounts of grammer mistakes. Full of passable errors... what do you mean? Bad grammar... May point out more then just 1 mistake?"

    I replied to that.

    Anyway, didn't you quit this project? Why are you messaging me about a project you've since abandoned?

    "Sorry guys, I have to quit on this 1 year project."

    I told him this.. But, still, can you erase your post, at least the parts when you posted my mistakes, its really humiliating, especially in public eyes... If you don't move your post, fine I guess its shame on me for releasing a game this early, I just wanted some interested crowds to take a peak at my game. When I posted the message, I actually meant for you to post in PM for me, of course, how would you know that? I guess, it was my mistake, but is there still a chance of you erasing or rephrasing your post?

    And he's says
    No, there is no chance of that.
    I guess it was my fault for asking him anything at all. Never heard someone be so rude in my life..
    I know, right? The guy told me I had bunches of spelling errors and he said he didn't think I tested my game properly. So I pmed him politely to tell me my mistakes and telling him that he was being a bit crude, so he fired right back at me with about 15 grammatical errors, and practically did it in front of everyone, basicly saying, SHAME ON YOU, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPELL, YOU *****!
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