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Zack knight
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  • I cannot help you with emulator specific support, especially given you are using fast forward mode.
    Fast forward mode is known to be unstable, since it accelerates the speed at which the game's instructions are interpreted.
    I would just play the game normally.
    I am not anymore. My disk drive crashed on my laptop and I lost all the files. I also lack the time to continue hacking anything.
    I haven't touched them for quite a while. That isn't to say I've canceled them because I've got plans to finish them very soon. When progress on them does continue, it'll probably by at Silph Co., not here.
    I'm just going to redo it eventually. I'm old now and I have to work for a living, so it drastically cuts my free time down, lol.
    Yeah, don't worry. I've got another project I need to complete by the end of the year however it'll probably be finished quite soon. Beta 4.0 is about 1/4 complete, so after that's done it won't be much longer until it's released.
    (sorry for replying so late, PC didn't send me a notification email for whatever reason)
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