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  • Border blocks are tricky :/
    I don't know of a way to change the size of border blocks off the top of my head, so if all of your trees are 3x3 (like the Viridian Forest trees), then you'll have to place enough of your trees surrounding your map so that the border block isn't showing.

    There may be a way to resize the border block to 3x3, but you'd have to look into a solution. Sorry about that. Btw, I like your profile pic ^_^ looking forward to that movie.
    Thanks! And even if you don't go professional, singing is brilliant for your mental health and always worth doing. So keep at it.

    I've always loved singing since I was like, four. I'm still kinda lousy at voice control but you can only get better, huh.
    Heaps, right? I've got billions more up my sleeve, so just hit me if you want some music recommendations. I'm working my way up to being an authority on great modern music.
    Yeah, the internet isn't a really 'get out what you put in' affair. But never mind! It's still pretty fun when you find some roots and get some buddies.

    Brilliant! And who needs iPhones and Ferrari's, anyway? They're so bourgeois. Glad you got what you wanted, though.
    For my own, I got a sort of time-lock present - the screenplay of the second Fantastic Beasts movie, and I can't read it until I watch it. So I've got to wait for the Blu-ray release and the whole thing is absolute torture.
    Cool! So, did you get any extraordinarily fabulous presents I'd rob you for?

    And yeah, I had a birthday recently and it's like, 'whaaaaaaa' when no one online mentions it. It's fairly trivial but it feels good to be noticed.

    And no worries!
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