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  • Oh yeah, I can really believe that! After all, that's how everything works. Practice and experience :)
    I can imagine!

    Sounds pretty nice to create your own character, and see what happens, I should admit.
    It's a normal thing, it happens to all of us :P

    Ohh, I see. Sorry if I bothered you with my question, haha.

    Soo, hmm... Which is your favorite section of PC?
    That's the same for me. There's just toooo many songs that I would choose, haha. Like, ten at least! :P

    Out of curiosity, do you have Skype? :o
    Hm, I can hear pretty much anything. My favorite kind of music is rock, also blues, haha. Not too much into mainstream music.

    Which is your favorite song?
    Oh yeah, there's always something to do, haha.

    Well, your tastes are your tastes, I don't like too much that kind of music. But that doesn't make it awfull :P
    Hmm pretty good too, my internet just came back, so that's good, haha.

    Any plans for today? :)
    Yeah, it was great. Then the next day we went and watched hillbillies wrestle and it was insane! How was your weekend? :)
    Hey, I'm doing well just got back from playing Poker with some friends. Now I'm debating whether to watch something on TV or go to bed. :)
    Hey there! Thanks for posting a sign-up for Titans! We currently have all of our open slots filled, but I'll be sure to let you know if one opens up. Also, welcome to the Roleplay Corner and PokeCommunity!
    Hi there; get the url from your gif, and just wrap it with tags -
    or in other words:

    [img] gif url here [/ img] (without the space) you can do this on your signature, but you'll need 15 posts if you want to post links on your posts. Hope this helps. c:
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