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  • Hace poco leí la entrevista que te hicieron en WAH. Si estás por ahí, espero que te vaya todo lo mejor posible. Siempre me acordaré del año que pasé en Buenos Aires, trabajando al lado de la UBA y pensando que estabas por ahí cerca.
    A person named Xiros contacted me on discord a few hours ago, and said something that he was able to talk to you, telling me that you're doing fine. Makes me think real life kinda sucks if you are unable to get online from time to time. Aw well... It is what it is for us old farts, I suppose.

    Boo u by the way. :V
    My cousin in the Philippines came to Canada and gave me this game on a game boy advanced cartridge many years ago. Dunno how they got it but I came across it while cleaning and decided to look it up.
    Even if SG doesn't hold up as a videogame (in my opinion), it's undeniable that back in the day it was one of the biggest achievements in Pokémon ROM Hacking. It had such a big impact, that even today people still remember it fondly. Zel, wherever you may be, I wish you're doing well dude. Cheers.
    Sad that we'll probably never see you here again but I just wanted to come and say that you are a legend, your SG really got me into rom hacking when I saw a youtuber called Datai play your game back in 2008. It's so weird that it's been 11 years since that day.
    <3 Much love for your contributions to the community, in my eyes you are a rom hacking legend/icon and helped me get into playing rom hacks <3
    Disculpa podría modificar tu juego de pokémon shiny gold, lo que quiero es hacer una actualización de sistemas ya que ha avanzado mucho el rom hackig, como al mega evolución en combate nuevos movimientos arreglar algunas cosas, no necesito crédito lo quiero hacer por que me encanto este juego y tengo ganas de pues rendirle un tributo sin la necesidad de nada a cambio :), de antemano gracias.

    Sorry could modify your game pokemon shiny gold , what I want is to make a system upgrade has since advanced far the rom hackig , as the mega evolution in combat new moves fix some things , I do not need credit I want to do that charm me this game and I want to pay tribute because without requiring anything in return :) thanks in advance.
    I used to imagine you with neatly combed hair and you'd play with the fringe saying "I'm Zel, I created Shiny Gold!"...
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