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  • But, having to answer how I am on both places can be bothersome >.<

    I just got up today, so I'm still a bit sleepy.
    Something was just crossing my head... With this thing dont Fan Clubs lose a bit their purpose?

    thanks for the friend invite! :)
    Enjoy life and have a great day.
    Good luck to everything you desire to do. =3
    blue and purple rocks! I'm gonna call my theme "Deep Purple" :D

    Nicolas, you mean those that I'm adding? For now, they are just empty slots so I can use them later for whatever I want (though most likely some'll be used obviously for Johto's Gym Leaders and E4 memebers), but since I'm gonna have a lot more empty that could just give me ideas in the future (in fact, I'm also thinking on using a few for implementing the Alph's puzzles :P)
    hey zel, will the overworlds in SG correspond with the trainer itself? what I mean is like will the overworld of "a trainer" look just like its battle sprite?

    ~Anyway, Happy HAcking!~

    ~tot '0'~
    Went, at least on the blues I've used your name looks good *wink*

    But I'm having a little problem with the Community Supporters violet names, they dont combine well with the blueish theme, and it's hard to read them -_- (sorry Zach, Siggy)
    XD Yeah, I like it, but maybe I'll edit a bit the colours.

    I couldn't use blue because it would hide my username XD
    hey zel im trying to get some books started on rom hacking soon and im making some books on the best hackers like you
    I'm just starting to think on stuff to add, because in terms of length it's a bit short. And I'm increasing the ammount of Overworlds because I'm tired of complaining about having so few >.<

    But, dont confuse this with a Shiny Gold progress section, eh. If not, I'll just start ignoring messages -_-

    The guy in the avatar is Zelgadis, search for "Slayers" if you want to know about him, he's a really cool guy.
    Making it gold would be just too predictable -_-
    In fact, I was looking for using a blue/white and red combination, but, meh, I guess I just used blue everywhere (and red which should be somewhere, so I put it on my name, to give ehhmmm... strength to the name? O.o)
    Well, maybe I'll keep playing around with the color combinations or not.
    I think you should make it a bit brighter, and make the name yellow or gold.
    Otherwise, I like the "theme" very well. I'm actually getting used to this!
    Right now, I think I'll be stickying with the default one XD

    Maybe this weekend I'll investigate it.

    Actually, the only thing I don't like is the red of the name & usertitle. Otherwise, it looks ok.
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