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  • Hey. I was inspired to make a pokemon hack because I played your Pokemon ShinyGold hack and it was brilliant. Can I use the town map and some of the sprites from your hack on my hack?
    Hey, just stopped by to say that there are still people like me who appreciate your Gold remake & would love, if anytime, that you continue your work on it...
    Wishing all the best!
    Hey Zel, I was wondering if you'd like to be apart of the next big pokemon Hack? I need you to help out, I have a map and everything, but I have no idea on how to make a hacked version. I've been playing Shiny Gold for a while now and seeing your work is amazing. Please say you'll help out.


    Koryuta Takafuma, Gym Leader of The Kinzu League (Facebook us!)
    Why are people saying R.I.P.?
    There's no new of his death for sure, and he went missing for 2 years before. He, like most people over 18, has life to deal with, and a pokemon hack he doesn't get payed for won't exactly get as much attention as his social life and/or actual job.
    I found Shiny Gold 4 years ago, when I was in 8th grade. I moved on to high school, and met a lot of people. One certain friend lived right down the street, and he and I would hang out occasionally. I knew him for a couple more years before he brought this up.. but I was showing this friend some Pokemon hack stuff on my computer, and I mentioned a few hacks I've played like Shiny Gold. THAT was when he told me that he was the one who made it. I was surprised and shocked, and I knew the hack was big. He showed me some of the project files and codes he was using, and it was really cool to learn more about it. Anyway, the reason he hasn't continued work is because he was graduating high school, getting out of his house, and last time I checked, he is in the U.S. Air Force. I HAVE NO IDEA when or even IF he will return to ROM hacking and the Shiny Gold project, but I'm seeing how many people are still posting his R.I.P.'s, and I felt that I should let you all know everything I know. Let's all wish Zel the best of luck in his life!!
    I am Alex again...
    Vi que vives en Argentina (tu profile lo dice jaja) así que si entiendes español sería genial.
    Bueno, agradecerte de nuevo por la creación de tu juego y compartirlo con los demás, shiny gold, es muuuy bueno. Por lo demás, quisiera contactarte (ahora en español jaja) para saber si me puedes guiar un poco en cuanto al rom hacking puesto que tengo algunas dudas (acerca de como insertar bien scripts, borrar bugs, mejorar el juego que tengo en general). El punto es que trabajo solo en el jugo que estoy "mejorando", porque la verdad del tema es que estoy... por decirlo así, "completando" tu propio juego, shiny gold. Sé que quizás no es correcto porque no pedí ni tu permiso, pero espero comprendas lo difícil que sería contactar... en fin, el punto es que decidí hacer un hack usando como base tu juego, lo amplié porque ahora tiene Kanto completo y las Islas Naranja, con los líderes respectivos (los 4 líderes y el campeón... igual que en la serie). También cambié los sprites de algunos pokemons y todos los lideres usando como base los sprites de HG/SS (soulsilver), los arreglé y coloqué. También cambié algunos lugares, creando nuevos mapas, nuevos tiles, en el fondo... nuevas historias. Pero le falta según yo todavía (soy muy prefeccionista jaja) y para eso necesito resolver dudas contigo. Si eres el dueño no tengo NINGUN problema en enviarte mi modificación de juego a tu mail, pero ojalá que se mantenga en privado, no lo he querido publicar en ningún lado aún, porque lo que busco es crear un juego completo, bien hecho y sin problemas. Disculpa la molestia, y disculpa si te molesta mucho el hecho de que haya usado tu juego como base. De antemano MUCHISIMAS gracias !! (mi email de contacto es: [email protected], facebook: ma.jimenez1992). Saludos desde Chile ! Alex.
    Hi zel!
    First of all, I want to give you thanks by your amazing pokemon hack, shiny gold. (Are you the creator and owner, right?). By the way, i need to talk to you in private, via email if its possible (do you have any personal e-mail? my email is: [email protected]). It is very important, because i have created a new version of your pokemon hack, that nobody have... (sorry my english is awful)... is a complete version with the followings regions: Johto, Kanto and Orange islands... with the gym leaders, new sprites of leaders, trainers, pokemon... and new tiles of each town and city, new badges... too much changes... etc. The problem is that this pokemon version has many bugs and a few problems that i need to solve with your help please ! =/ Try to contact me fo facebook: ma.jimenez1992 or msn: [email protected] or skype: land.inforceagain. Im Alex and i hope that you come soon to this places... (Please send me an email or something, for to talk about rom hacking and solve problems, i need a partner because i dont have any friend that make pokemon hacks as i =/) greetins !! :D
    Hey Zel did you fix the bug where the rom
    Crashes when you press start. This happens when I play your rom on the gpsphone.
    I was just wondering what tool you used to transfer the gold maps into a fire red Rom. I looked on advance map and I didn't see an option to transfer maps from another Rom into it. I'm working on a Rom of Firered similar to yours except you start out in Firered like normal and at the end of that game, you travel to Pokemon Ruby and continue the story in that region.
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