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Zoroark Cutie
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  • Yup, that was me! I hope you enjoy it, tried to get it the best egg moves and stuff <'3 And you're welcome! <33
    All righty ^ ^ I'll be on in a few minutes then; just gotta do something rq. <3
    Awesome! Just to let ya know, I accidentally saved the game after hatching the egg, was checking the IVs D: I hope that's okay! I can hatch another in a bit if you'd prefer it to be an egg. <33 Added your friend code, btw!
    Hii! Hope you don't mind me poking ya, just wanted to let you know—your Mystery Gift is ready! =)

    FC: 2809-8590-7580
    IGN: Aleks
    Let me know when you'll be available. <33
    Hey Pancham, it seems we haven't talked in a long time! How are you doing?
    Hey, Zoroark! I know I've been kind of "eh" lately, so I apologize about that. Today has been a massive headache for me, but it's getting better. I just wanted to see how you are doing.
    Sounds interesting enough! Im definately gonna have to try it out sometime! And I should start with the first right or?

    oh wow! I used to have a friend that drew stuff for me and you could see each time how she got better and such and now shes like really amazing xD
    So Zoroark Cutie is on the way huh?
    nah i think ill stick with what you recommended. And hmmm i might have to try it when i get past the other game I wanna try. Sounds interesting atleast

    lol the fact you said you didnt set off any fireworks then afterwards you said b/c you didnt have any fireworks :3

    awh thats cool! Wow shes a good artist haha and thats super friendly of her to :D
    oh ya i mean like is it good? xD like the series as a whole? I might want to try it :p although holy crap thats like a decent amount!

    "My parents did have a BBQ, but I didn't eat any of it. I didn't even set off any fireworks, mostly because I didn't feel like it, but also because we didn't have any fireworks."
    this sentence xD i love that "i didnt set off any but also we didnt have any" lol love it

    oh cool! which friend? Laguna? or...?
    lol ik none of those except Street Fighter xD Hows final fantasy? i really need some new games to play xD

    Really no party? D: You shoulda blown something up man xD Also cool drawing btw i like it as an avatar :3
    Oh what games? Lol same i really need to post on there again xD
    Haha cool i mean i cant believe how well your doing with it! I couldnt stay focused that long if i tried :p
    Ive been better xD but im not a big complainer so ya I mean i just had a 4th of july party and that was pretty fun :D
    Do anything cool for the fourth? Blow anything up?
    omg! i am so sorrrrry! I cant believe i forgot to reply to you! tbh i thought you didnt reply to me :o

    Anyways sorry! Howve you been? Anything new? Did you figure out tumblr? Hows the blog going?
    Yup, I did! It felt nice to have a break after many consecutive days of work, haha. Thanks again! :D

    (And aaaa sorry for the late response!)
    There's numerous Star Trek shows to see, though I recommend starting with season four of The Next Generation.

    Do you want me to post links?
    This movie;
    Ikr i feel like the resolution must have been gigantic :o

    Omg she does a pretty good job with her character! I could see why you like her

    Lol thanks i try

    haha i hope and ya i dont even know when it happended but i think it can be fixed. Basically it has these little outlets in the back and theyre all smushed but idk if it can be done with ease since i tried before.
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