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Zoroark Cutie
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  • Ik probably cause i scanned it in and the printer felt like making it literal size.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cool haha and also JoJos sounds pretty cool as well~ Which one which one? theres only like over 20 xD

    Id just have to xD I mean i havent succeeded in making you laugh for 2 minutes so im not either obv. Atleast not on here :3

    Oh my channel? Nah i only have a couple vids and it takes awhile to get everyone together so we havent really made to many. Plus my snowball mic broke so it might be awhile to replace that so idk we ll see hopefully one day ill get it up and going
    The scary part is i resized it 4 times :o

    I have no idea what any of those things are but they sound cool xD And ya should totes watch it~

    XD I never worry haha but if you joked about it id probably laugh so far id fall off my chair lol
    Ill send it when I take a pic of it xD And ya its a great series, good storyline and such.

    Oh ya i get that. What I really hate is when im texting or something and i say your crazy and they reply with you're* lol i hate grammar nazis
    Remember that backgrounds can always be changed :3 just think about it or whatever

    Oh I will if i have a chance. It was my character I made for steven universe and she did a fantastic job with it :o

    lol I dont mind when others do it but i feel bad when i do it xD
    I mean if you want you could try a different theme, I went through 20 or so before deciding on one that fits my needs. For a writing blog I would suggest https://www.tumblr.com/theme/28631 that one or theres one called editorial although i dont see it as being very customizable. Personally I thinky your current one is cool but ik the theme and it has a good amount of errors and isnt always pleasing to to the eye. Also cool, i just got a commission done for an oc I made so Im really happy about that so i Hope you get yours soon! Also sorry for the terrible spelling and such xD
    Yeah it was great! Had a relaxed day off from work and went out to dinner with my parents, which was delicious.
    Well i like the background image on the theme but the date is literally in the title of the first blog and ik there are some themes meant to condense any long bits of writing on tumblr but i just cant think of them atm
    Haha alright i looked and firstly you got a theme thats a tad ummm boring and plain and it obv doesnt have many features. I am unsure whether there is a theme that will condense that but these would be the ones to do it if there were any https://www.tumblr.com/themes/collection/write-long-form-text just check some of them out (the free ones not the icky ones) as for your background image some themes are set to ignore the image and i cant really troubleshoot that without looking at your settings :3
    Oh awesome!! Don't worry about it, real life comes first :P Really, don't be sorry!!! There's no rush at all :)
    I'm going to get in touch with friends so we can see the movie that millions have been waiting for since knowledge of it was first revealed. XD

    That, and I'm going to update a fanfiction story of mine very soon.
    Aha I wouldnt worry about sounding stupid or anything but i understand the length thing I often forget stuff i wanna post after about 5 minutes and it comes to me right during the weirdest times xD
    Kay thats kinda what my friend did cause you kinda need 3 posts to see how the them will look :3
    lol well its hard you do a mobile version and a desktop version I mean heres mine on desktop: http://dedenne2.tumblr.com/
    It uses a theme unlike the mobile version which is always simplistic with just color settings and such. If you need help just let me know I customized 2 of my friends tumblrs as well so that they might look cool and such ^-^
    Cool tumblr will be good for customization although finding followers can be hard unless you have someone to reblog it and such haha and here is great cause its PC :3
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