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Zoroark Cutie
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  • That's good to hear :) Where are you going?? :D
    Ah yeah, I remember you were doing that! Thanks a bunch <3 What other games have you been playing recently?
    Haha sorry for the late reply been really busy

    Ah i see hmm maybe one day ill get into it

    Lol never talk politics with me then im way too into it but thats just cause I like to develop an opinion and fight for it by knowing all the facts on the specific issue.

    Haha im the opposite 5 minutes late 10 minutes late...25 minutes late lol. Although i go early to opening day ones 1 and a half hour early was my earliest which was the premium premium theater on opening night of star wars.
    TCG online is seriously something i tried to get into and i cant even understand it I feel stupid lol theres just so much is it like fun?

    Thats what i wouldnt like cause I saw Olympus and it was amazing but if it ignores it completely I have no interest in it at all especially if its just for a bunch of action with no plot whatsoever.

    I swear you were from what Ik about you I would never peg you for southern let alone from Loisianna haha are you Democratic or Republican? If your republican id advise against NYC but if your more Liberal or Democratic seeing as you like different things Id say you are then id say go for it one day aha. Seriously though if you move to NYC you will have np finding a good job but housing is costly.

    Haha right? Im always late for the movies but popcorn is a necessity and there is usually few wait time at 10:30 at night. Ah i see ya we go to a resturant sometimes b4 going to the movies but omg we still get popcorn haha

    Firstly cool I love the name as it is my favorite dark type and secondly....omg never I must make the perfect Zoroark sig xD
    And omg are you changing your name to Zoroark Cutie? Im gonna have to like make a new signature! Except with like zoroark hmm i can work with this I got like 11 wallpaper pics I can edit and change up to make it great haha
    lol atleast its a start :p oh good if i ever get into it again Ill only have to learn a couple haha

    I love action and like end of the world type of stuff but I need a plot to follow and I need a connection to Olympus has Fallen I like to see all movies but Im also a big critic when it comes to how they are made how was the acting and if it was easy to follow if its the correct Genre blah blah blah that sort of thing

    K never seeing it just ew no bad bad bad bad

    Firstly.....ew.....secondly yay your different! (the good different lol) Go to the cities seriously theyre alot more accepting than small towns haha especially when theres a standard like I live in a rich town but im not exactly rich haha and I dont fit in but its still nice here especially with other friends that live outside the standard. Seriously you should go up north to like NYC i think youll like it alot more there and I think you will like NY in general. Go watch it! Omg i wanna know how good it is since i wont be seeing it till like idk a month haha

    Oh so how much are movie tickets there and like popcorn and drinks? Tickets here are like $12 per person or $15 for 3D but we never see 3D then $8 for a large pop and we split the cost of the popcorn which is usually $7 and make it so we each pay $1 and someone pays $2 aka me haha. So to go see a movie it usually costs $22+ if you want snacks or anything haha
    Ehh to work at a job Im more my needs come first xD but theres a bunch around here so you basically have your pick of like 30 in one place haha. Oh dear god that sounds like yikes they really are going forward with the new incentives.

    Ya i was thinking of seeing it but now not so much and right? I loved 10 Cloverfield Lane eventhough i never saw the original either but it was such a good movie.

    That just looked dumb based on the reviews lol I didnt know any of the actors either so ehhhh

    Ya well i still know what you mean as you get older its just like weird with whats socially appropriate and such haha

    Oh wow that must have been some giftcard haha how many movies did you see total with it?
    How did she even have so many friends from other grades then? Class is basically the only way I get to know people (not counting PC), though that still easily gives an age difference of three years between the youngest and oldest people in my group of friends.
    Stalking like that sounds horrible really, it is one of the reasons I don't do social media. The only way I keep in touch with people besides meeting up irl is Skype and I recently made a new account (for unrelated reasons though) and just didn't add them again. Problem solved. Sort of.
    Yeah, it really is. Now I don't see my those friends super often (we know each other from high school, but are spread over several places now), but every time one of those people gets being mentioned, something inside me is wanting to shout them to shut up. Board game days we organize occasionally are the worst when they appear as well, luckily that's not always, because it kind of ruins my mood.

    I know what you mean, I'm terrible at starting conversations myself, I always feel like coming over as stupid just to say hi to someone I haven't really talked to. Either way, it looks like your non-scary mod count has increased by one. 8)
    Well atleast you got some options i still havent even applied anywhere yet D:but those sound fun!
    Ah cool i remember EX although BREAK is foreign to me the TCG is too big for me to follow haha

    OMG HOW WAS IT OMG OMG TELL ME. 10 Cloverfield was great tbh suspence thrills and jump scares haha. What was wrong with Gods of Egypt a no go?

    I wouldnt care I mean Im 16 and my friends go see it with me and we just either make fun of stuff or enjoy the movie in the back xD and B v S looks great I cant wait for that and Civil War Im seriously like a movie fanatic I go like every other week with my friends xD i could talk your ears off about them :3
    Ohhhhhhhh whats the job? Oh shush im sure youll get it unless its like really really hard to get haha. Ah TCG i still got some of those around my friend challenged me to a TCG battle the other day and i used my cards and realized any from 1999-2010 are exceedingly weak to 2010+ cards xD

    OMG MOVIES what was the last one you saw?
    omg sorry about not replying I clicked on my profile and it refreshed all my messages so i kinda ended up ignoring everyone lol

    But anyways good so far i just got on break so i hope to be active again for another week or so :3 how about you?
    Took today off too and likely will be unable to come in tomorrow since I developed strep throat. T_T it's so awful.

    And that sounds good! I really want more Pokémon merch, the online Pokémon Center site just doesn't have as much as Japan. </3
    I don't have the time for such, I'm hella busy solving dramas in real life; I just came in to reply VM and look at the mafia game's development.
    Procrastinators unite.. tomorrow. BD I'm taking the day off of work tomorrow since I'm sick so I'll be able to get some free time and hopefully play a few games to catch up!

    /withdraws under covers
    Seems like you'll be kept busy for a while. :D Nice! Let us be lazy together, I swear I hardly want to go do things when I actually have free time lmao.
    Hi! Sorry for being awful at replying, kind of had a bit on my plate lately. =/ Work drama hahaha. I'll talk about it a little later on ~

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