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ok, Role Playing time! This time, Fire Emblem style!
You can represent a character from any Fire Emblem game as long as you know them. You can also create your own character. You may represent up to 3 people.

Edit: No Killer weapons at start. No Lords unless you want to play as any of the following: Marth (Lord), Alm (Lord), Sigurd (Lord), Celice (Lord), Leaf (Lord), Roy (Lord), Eliwood (Lord), Lyn (Lord), Hector (Lord).

here's the example:

Birthplace: (Western Isles, Lycia, Sacae, Bern, Eturia, Nabata, Ilia)
Affinity: (Fire, Ice, thunder, Light, Anima, Dark, Wind)
Unit type: (I don't want to list them all XD) (Must be unprmoted)
Level: (anywhere from 1-5)
Family/relations: (can be cousin, friend, brother, father etc...)
Weapons/Items carrying: (Weapons must be Level E - C until promotion)

Name: Oni
Birthplace: Sacae
Affinity: Fire
Unit Type:Mymidion
Level: 1
Family/ Relations: None
Weapons/Items: Steel Sword, Slim Sword

Name: Abigail
Birthplace: Eturia
Affinity: Wind
Unit Typehaman
Level: 3
Family: None
Weapons/Items: Flux, Nosferatu, Vulenary

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