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    Chapter 2
    High and Dry, then Wet and Low

    Im sorry, Skye, Professor Ivy said apologetically. Ive got a lot of work to do today, and I cant show you around.
    Okay, Skye said.
    With that, she walked out of the lab and towards a small shed near the prairie. If her aunt couldnt show her around, then shed just have to show herself. Thats how she got along in Celadon City when her mom was too busy with business to take her somewhere. Pushing thoughts of the city out of her mind, she opened the door to the shed. Inside, was a bunch of nests, occupied by a bunch of bird-type Pokemon. They didnt look too happy to see her, so she just closed the shed and walked around on the prairie.
    The prairie was vast, and Skye loved it. She had been to her Aunts breeding center only a few times in her life, and not ever being too intrigued by Pokemon, took little notice of the place. Her sisters on the other hand, were Pokon fanatics, and had been working at the breeding center for years. Walking through the waist-length grass made her feel small, but not in a bad way. She felt like she could just curl up in a ball and no one would notice her.
    A soft breeze whispered by her ear, sending her hair to drift around her face. Skye pulled it back, and looked around her. Suddenly, she spotted a small nest on the ground, and went to pick it up. It had come apart in several places, obviously from a terrible fall from the tree growing beside her. What intrigued her most however, was the first-sized speckled egg inside. Skye took the nest with her as she went to the bunkhouse. On the way, she passed the bird shed, where Brock was letting them out. Hey, Skye. Whats that? Brock asked, gesturing towards the nest she had in her hands.
    Before she could answer, the birds from the shed flew out, knocking her over. Brock caught her around her waist, preventing a fall that could destroy the egg she held. When the birds finished their chaotic exit from the shed, Brock set her upright, and peered at the nest.
    Thats a Spearows egg, he told her. I wonder what the nest was doing way out there. We just started raising some Spearow and Fearow here, and not many of them have gone that far into the prairie.
    I dont know, Skye said softly, as if her voice could damage the little life inside the egg. Can I keep it with me?
    Brock stood close beside her, looking at the egg. Skye looked at him questioningly.
    He finally nodded.

    Have you seen the pond yet? he asked finally.

    No. Ive just been exploring on my own pretty much, she replied, running her hand through the strands of hair in her face nervously.

    Well, come with me and Ill show it to you, he told her. I have to bring some food up anyway. Want to give me a hand?
    Okay, Skye agreed, taking the bucket Brock handed her.
    Brock whistled, and a huge bird emerged from the shed. He got up on its back and stuck out his hand to help Skye on.
    Cmon, Skye. Fearow wont bite! he urged.

    Theres no way Im getting on that thing! Im scared of heights! Skye exclaimed.
    Brock rolled his eyes, and pulled her onto the bird to sit in front of him. She cried out as the Fearow took off, covering her eyes with her hands. Hey, youre missing the best part! Brock told her, removing her hands from her eyes. Skyes eyes grew huge as she saw the land grow smaller beneath her. She backed up against Brock in fear, but he held onto her hands, giving her a sense of security.

    Relax, will you? he asked. Stop acting like a city girl.

    If Skye wasnt as petrified as she was, she would have turned around and smacked him. That option was out of the question right now, so Skye did as she was told. Her shoulders lost their tension, and she looked at the world around her.

    Check it out! Theres the pond! Brock exclaimed. Time to land, Fearow!
    The Fearow landed on the bank of the pond and Brock helped Skye slide off its back. She gazed at the Pokemon swimming around in the water. She only recognized some of them, the Squirtles and the Goldeen.
    Oh, look! What are those? Skye asked, pointing to a star shaped creature.

    Staryu, Brock answered, picking it up out of the pond. Here, you can hold it.

    Almost nervously, Skye took the Staryu from Brock. It was a baby, barely bigger than her hand. She stroked it gently, and got squirted in the face by its water gun.

    I think it likes you! Brock exclaimed, laughing.

    Not funny! Skye cried furiously, putting the Staryu back into the pond and running after Brock with her face dripping.
    She chased him along the bank until an overgrowth of trees blocked any further escape. A fallen log extending over the water was his only hope, so he climbed onto it.
    Heh heh. Your turn, Brock, Skye said slyly, as the rotten log gave way under his weight.
    Whoa! Brock cried, his voice muted by the water.
    Skye sat on the bank clutching her side in a fit of laughter. Brock looked like a wet Growlithe when he dragged himself out of the pond. A Krabby was clinging to his pant leg, but it scuttled away. Skye took one look at him and burst out laughing again.
    Oh, so this is funny? he asked, shaking his wet hair at her.
    Skye only laughed harder, rolling on the rocky shore. When she finally composed herself, she noticed Bud and Augua coming toward them from the forest. Brock? What happened to you? You look like you just got squirted by an angry Staryu! Augua exclaimed, with a giggle.
    Actually, that happened to Skye. I just kind of fell into the pond, Brock replied, wringing out his green vest.
    Brock rolled his eyes. Just then, the Fearow glided over to them, and landed beside the small group. It reminded Brock that he should be getting back to the bunkhouse since Professor Ivy was holding a square dance themed social in the barnyard that night for the assistants and the nearby townspeople.
    Yeah, wed better get back too, Bud said after Brock mentioned that they should get going. Knowing Augua itll take her all night just to pick out what shes going to wear! Im not waiting for her!
    Are you going with anyone tonight, Brock? Augua asked, taking a quick glance at Skye.
    UhhhhhI dunno, Brock replied, heat creeping up into his face. Bud broke the awkward moment, by saying they had to go, and leading Augua down the forest path. Brock let out the breath he had been holding, and looked at Skye. Fearow nudged him impatiently, and Brock climbed up on his back. He reached down his hand to help Skye up, and pulled her aboard. This time, she wasnt so scared. In fact, she spread out her arms, leaning forward into the wind and letting it flow through her hair.
    Shell probably never know if Brock had done it intentionally, but she could have sworn he had made Fearow suddenly speed up, throwing Skye back into him. He caught her, of course, and she sat up again, not objecting to what had just occurred, but just giving it space.