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    Chapter 3
    Its Time to Dance!

    Back at the bunkhouse, Skye checked her e-mail to see if her Dad had written back. Augua and Ember were both already at the dance, and Skye definitely didnt plan on going. She enjoyed the privacy as she read the e-mail:
    I know its got to be tough being where you dont know anyone. As soon as I get back from a few business trips I have for Silph, Ill come and get you so you can spend the rest of the summer with me. I leave tomorrow and I will be back in about a week. Miss you lots too!
    Skye brushed out her blond hair, and turned on the radio. She sung quietly and she brushed and packed up her laptop. This was a talent she kept very much to herself, and since Ember and Augua were both gone, she thought it was safe enough. Still singing along to the slow, swaying music, she opened the door to let some air into the bunk.
    All I know is I love you, she sang. And you mean the world to me.
    Skye? a soft voice came from behind the screen door. The voice made her jump back, and she covered her mouth with her hand. Slowly, she turned around to face whoever was on the other side of the door, and almost collapsed in embarrassment.
    Ohuhhi, Brock, she stammered, grinning sheepishly. What brings you here?

    I didnt know you sang, he said softly. Sounds really nice.

    Um, gee, thanks, Skye said, still embarrassed.

    Okay, now its my turn to get all nervous and red-faced, Brock told her, trying to ease the tension. Do you want to go to the square dancewith me?

    Uhsure, okay, Skye replied. Its already begun, right?

    Brock nodded, and Skye followed him down the dirt road to the barnyard after turning off the radio. They barely said a word the whole way, so Skye was thinking. She felt a little more comfortable at the breeding center now, well, now that she had met Brock. Her face turned pink at that thought, but he didnt seem to notice. Ember and Jab met up with them at the entrance to the barnyard. They were dressed in cowboy attire for the occasion, and so was everyone else. Brock and Skye looked down sheepishly at their everyday work clothes, but no one seemed to care that much. Augua came over to the group shortly with her date, Bud. They had been best friends for about a year now, the same amount of time as Jab and Ember had been going out.

    Hey! Brock? Is that you? came a voice Brock hadnt heard in quite some time.

    Ash? Brock asked, turning in the direction of the voice.
    Pika pi! Ashs Pikachu exclaimed.
    Immediately, Ash and Misty came running up to him with a third person he didnt know. They swapped hugs of friendship, and Brock introduced them to the other assistants at the breeding center.
    This is Tracey, Ash told Brock, gesturing to his friend. He met up with us on one of the Orange Islands.
    What are you doing around these parts? Brock asked. Well, I wanted a vacation! Misty cut in. Ash was being such a pain, saying how we had to keep hurrying around to get badges
    Hey, we didnt come here to argue, Tracey told them. Now, cmon. Lets dance!
    The group started dancing wildly on the floor, and Skye became really great friends with Misty. They were talking almost non-stop that whole evening. It turned out that Professor Ivy had decided to let Ash and his friends stay in the bunkhouses at the center. The girls were overjoyed to have Misty stay with them, but the guys would be really crowded. None of the guys complained about it. They just agreed that Brock would have to sleep out on the porch. Pikachu danced with the group all the while holding his precious catsup in his paws.
    Togepi waddled around, careful to stay close to Misty and Pikachu. After a few fast songs went by, a waltz came on. Pairs of two went out onto the dance floor. Tracey was getting to know one of the local girls from the town, and they were dancing. Much to Brocks surprise, Misty dragged an obviously objecting Ash onto the floor. Of course, Ember and Jab were dancing together, and so were Augua and Bud. Brock looked at Skye, as they were the only tow left on the bench. Skye blushed and looked away.
    Youre not going to make this easy, are you? Brock said, taking her hand.

    Its not that at all Skye told him, getting to her feet and following him to the floor.
    Its just, Ive never danced with anyone before.

    Brock just smiled and shook his head. He lifted Skyes arms to go around his neck, and put his arms around her waist. They rocked slowly to the music, and Brock realized that this was the closest any girl had ever come to liking him back. He got really nervous just then, and accidentally stepped on her foot.

    Ow, she groaned.
    Sorry, he muttered, averting her eyes with a flushed face.
    Skye smiled at his shyness, and not knowingly, pulled him a little closer. His dark eyes met hers, and they stayed like that for a moment. The lyrics from the song Skye had been singin earlier flooded the room.
    I think Im starting to really like it here, Skye said.

    Good, Brock replied.

    Skye smiled at him, and lay her head on his chest. Brock gulped, face turning pink for the millionth time that night.

    Thank you, Brock, she said softly. Youve become such a great friend.
    All too soon, the music ended, and the couples separated. Skye was nervous to see his expression when they parted, so she held on until the very last moment. Brock started dancing with her as a faster song came on, and she was swept up in laughter and her friends.
    The night ended well, and the group of breeding assistants led their friends out of the barnyard and to the bunkhouses. The girls bunkhouse came first, so all of the guys said their goodnights.
    Since all the other goodnights were brief, Skye and Brock were left standing in the faint light of the porch. The guys had all went ahead to the bunkhouse a little further down the road to bring a hammock out for Brock, and the girls were busy getting ready for bed.
    I had a great time, Skye told him shyly, folding her hands in front of her.
    Me too, he agreed, thinking quickly for a short topic of conversation. Sooodo you want to come with me to the forest tomorrow morning? Ive got to check up on a family of Pikachu.
    Sure, Skye replied enthusiastically. I saw Ashs Pikachu tonight, my Dad caught me one when I was little, but I would love to see some in the wild!
    Okay, wellgoodnight, Skye, Brock said, turning to leave.
    Goodnight, Brock, Skye whispered, touching his arm to stop him from leaving momentarily.
    In the next instant, Skye stood on tiptoe, and aimed a soft kiss at his cheek. Brock was still turning around to face her again, and the kiss actually landed a little closer to the other cheek than Skye had hoped for.
    They pulled away, embarrassed, and Skye walked up the steps to the bunkhouse.
    Brock was already on his way down the path, so she just went right inside.