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    Chapter 5
    The Plot

    Skye sent her Dad an e-mail, hoping he would get it in time. She basically said that she was now enjoying herself very much at the Breeding Center, and wished to stay for the rest of the summer. He wrote back, saying that he was coming to the Breeding Center as part of his business trip anyway, and that he would be taking her home. It had been a few days since the encounter with Team Rocket, and that was the fifth e-mail message Skye had sent to her father. Drastic measures needed to be taken now.
    I think my Dad is going to try to do something to the Breeding Center, she told her friends as they met in the barnyard. He said something about making it so that he would never have to work again and taking me so that Mom wouldnt bother me anymore.
    Whoa, this sounds serious, Ash said, petting his Pikachu worriedly. What do you think we should do?
    No one had any idea, and the fact that they needed to get to work feeding the domestic Pokemon didnt help either. They promised to meet again to discuss plans before dinner that night.
    Skye went with Brock as usual, and Misty and Ash tagged along. Brock called out another Fearow to take Misty and Ash with them to the prairie.
    Theres a really sick Rattata living here, Brock explained on the way. Ive got the medicine, but someones gotta help me hold it down in case it tries to bite me.
    Count me in, Brock! Ash exclaimed excitedly.
    Togepi, sitting comfortably in Mistys lap, let out an unsure prii? Brock didnt seem too convinced, but he agreed to let Ash help. They landed, and he and Ash went in search of the sick Rattata.
    Misty and Skye stayed near the Fearow, talking quietly.
    You know, that Spearow looks awfully special, Skye, Misty told her, striking its feathers admirably. He answered her with a chirp.
    You should give him a nickname.
    Hmmmm Skye thought, looking down at the Spearow. My Pikachu back home is named Agile after one of her attacks. Maybe I should name him after one of his? Misty nodded, and the two girls thought extensively for a while before coming up with the perfect name.
    How about Fury? Skye asked.
    Awesome! Misty exclaimed in delight.

    Brock and Ash came walking up to them with rather different expressions. Ash looked completely embarrassed while Brock looked really angry.

    I told you to hold him down! Brock said with a scowl.

    Hey at least you didnt get your pants torn Ash stopped as he approached the girls, and his face got even redder.

    Pants tornwhere? Misty asked teasingly.
    Ash looked away and down at the seat of his pants. Misty and Skye broke into a fit of laughter. Togepi waddled over to Pikachu, who was standing near Ash and laughing in his own cute little way. Brock soon joined in, forgetting the bite mark left on his arm momentarily. Skye noticed it though.
    What on earth happened? she demanded, grabbing his arm and looking at him scornfully.
    Nothing. Ill take care of it when we get back, he told her, but Skye didnt look very satisfied with his answer.
    Lets get back now, Brock. The Rattata could have transmitted the infection it had over to you, Skye told him, pulling him onto Fearow. Suddenly realizing the danger at hand, he went with her willingly. Ash and Misty followed closely behind, exchanging worried looks. Fury chirped nervously in Skyes lap, flapping its little wings. Skye kept looking back at Brock, clearly worried that he could have hurt himself seriously.
    Cut it out, okay? he told her, trying to be gentle about it. Im going to be fine.
    Skye narrowed her eyes at him, and he suddenly noticed they were full of tears. Her gaze held steadily with his, but her lower lip trembled.
    What? he asked. Its okay, Skye. Im going to be okay.
    How can you be sure? she asked, glancing at the now swollen bite mark.
    Brock shook his head, and pulled her close to him, favoring his injured arm, and being careful of her Spearow. She wrapped her arms around him, seeming so small and helpless. All the stress of her father and now Brocks injury had just made her explode in a wave of emotion. Brock sat there and took it, feeling either heartache or the effects of the Rattata bite on his arm. Skye might never see him again if her father took her away. They had to do something.
    By now, they had reached Professor Ivys lab, and Brock got some treatment for his arm. Professor Ivy wasnt very pleased that he had been bitten, and told him that if he had come any later, he could have been in serious trouble. Skye, who had come with him, looked at him with scorn and relief on her face. With a sigh, she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly. He returned it, stroking her hair gently. Professor Ivy felt that this would be a good time to leave them alone, so she went to the other room.
    I told you Id be fine, he said quietly.
    Skye didnt say anything, but looked up at him with a small smile. He bent his head down to her face, and kissed her forehead softly. She blushed, averting her eyes, but held onto Brock for a few moments longer.
    They left the lab together, and started down the path towards the barnyard. Skye had decided to hold a meeting there for a plan to discuss her father. Fury sat perched on her shoulder, and chirped. She gave him some of the Spearow formula now and then, but her concerns were of her dad.
    Suddenly, a Pikachu came bounding up to them. Little ribbons were tied on her ears, and Skye immediately recognized the Pokmon as Agile. Agile ran into her open arms, exhausted from a long journey. Skye hugged her little friend tightly, and Fury chirped at the Pikachu nervously.
    How did you get here? Skye asked Agile, who was close to fainting in her arms.
    Pi pi, pikachu! she exclaimed. Chu, pika pika chu!
    Dad is coming tomorrow? Skye demanded in shock. Hes on the island and he brought you with him?
    Chu, Agile answered affirmatively, relaxing at last.
    Weve got to get thinking now, Brock, she told him. Time is running out!
    The meeting commenced, and at last they came up with a plan. A Pokmon battle would decide the outcome. Skye knew her father had tons of rare Pokmon, and that they were very powerful. However, with Ash, Misty, Brock, Ember, Jab, Bud, and Augua on her side, she was confident that a victory for them would be certain. Everyone agreed to it, and spent the rest of the day training their Pokmon heavily for the battle. All of their chores were finished, so they had plenty of time to work.
    Suddenly, Skye felt a blast of heat from behind her. She turned to see a massive Charizard towering over her. Agile, perched on Skyes shoulder, sent him an extremely powerful thunderbolt that knocked him right out. Everyone exclaimed in surprise, and Skye suddenly realized that that Charizard belonged to Ash!
    Charizard, return! Ash called, and the monster disappeared into its Pokeball.

    Sorry, Ash, Skye said softly.

    Thats okay, he replied. He had it coming. You have a really powerful Pikachu!

    Dont be fooled by her cuteness! Skye told him, hugging Agile tightly. Shes the toughest Pikachu I know!

    Ashs Pikachu clambered over to Skyes feet and gazed up at Agile. Agile leapt off of Skyes shoulder, and stood beside the other Pikachu.
    Chu, chu, pika! Ashs Pikachu exclaimed.
    Pi! Pika-chuuuuu! Agile cried as a thundershock exploded from her little red cheeks.
    Pikachu had said something offensive.