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    Chapter 6
    The Arrival

    It was really late that night, when Skye heard some rustling around outside. She slipped out of her blankets, waking Agile, and getting dressed. Fury woke as well, and fluttered onto her shoulder.
    Whos there? Skye called softly.
    As soon as she walked outside, a hand came over her mouth. Skye tried to cry out, but Brock turned her to face him. He, Jab, and Bud were crouching along one side of the bunkhouse.
    Hes here, Skye, Brock told her. We saw him creep by the Rapidash stables earlier while we were walking here. Hes still there right now, so go wake up the others and grab their Pokon.
    Skye hurried back inside, and woke the others. They came outside, and walked with the guys back to the stables. Sure enough, a mysterious figure was there, with a huge sack of pokalls. Skye almost shouted out to him, but Brock silenced her. Suddenly, the lights came on in the stables, and the kids realized with horror that Skyes father was not alone! There were eight other Rocket members, two of them Jessie and James.
    Lets go, Skye, her father said. Well be gone and you wont ever have to deal with your mom telling you what to do.
    Im not going anywhere with you, and I wont let you take away the Pokon either! Skye retorted hotly. We challenge you to a Pokon battle. Whoever loses leaves the island, never to return.
    Well, then pack your bags and prepare for trouble! Jessie exclaimed from the hayloft.
    Yes, see you later, and make it double! James added.
    Will you idiots knock it off?! Skyes dad exclaimed in annoyance. Now, Skye, you realize that you have made a pretty hefty deal with the Rockets. If you go and get your things, well leave quietly, and youll never have to deal with this again!
    Nope. Sorry, dad, Skye told him. Ash and Misty, take on Jessie and James. Jab and all the rest of you, pair off with a Rocket. Best out of nine wins.
    Brock walked up to Skyes father, looking him square in the eye. Skye came up behind Brock, and took his hand. He turned to face her.
    This ones mine, she told him, glancing at her dad.
    Okay, Brock agreed, giving her hand a squeeze. Good luck.
    Before he left, he pressed a Pokall into her hand. Agile looked angrily at Skyes dad from her perch on Skyes shoulder.
    The battles were quick. It ended in a tie: four to four. Skye looked at her dad with no expression, even though she felt the pressure of the match building. She had to win this match.
    Taurus, go! Skyes dad commanded, tossing a pokeball.
    Agile! Skye cried. Thunder!
    Taurus roared in pain as the powerful bolt of electricity hit it square in the chest. It countered with a tail whip, but Agile was, well, agile, and moved out of the way. She thundershocked it again, and the enemy fainted.
    Vileplume! he called. Stun spore!
    Agile couldnt move out of the way in time. She lay paralyzed on the barn floor. Skye ran to her companion and scooped her up in her arms. Agile looked at her apologetically, but Skye shook her head to dismiss it. Carrying her slowly back to the other side of the barn, she set Agile in the soft hay, and got ready to call out her next Pokemon.
    Skye, catch! Ashe cried tossing her a pokeball. Charizard, I choose you! Everyone gasped as the massive creature exploded from its ball. It let out a mighty roar, getting ready to blast anyone who stood in its way. Not Charizard, Ash! He wont listen! Misty cried.
    Charizard! Skye exclaimed harshly to the beast. Flamethrower, now!
    The creature turned to face Skye with fury in its eyes. She stared it down unafraid of the possible reaction to her behavior. Charizard turned back to face the Vileplume, and shot a huge burst of flame at it. It was defeated easily.
    Argh! Go Blastoise! Skyes father commanded.
    Skye felt her eyes grow wide. Charizard could not beat a water-type Pokemon. She fingered the mysterious pokeball that Brock had given her, and suddenly realized what was inside.
    Go, Fearow! she called, pegging the pokall with all her might. Drill peck!
    It didnt take much to take down that last Pokon, and Skye won the match. She looked at her father again, telling him to leave with her eyes. Suddenly in the distance, a siren sounded. An Officer Jenny pulled up with her squad of police and arrested the Rockets. Skye called back Fearow and Charizard, and gave Agile some paralyze heal. A dirty look from her father was the last thing she remembered of him before the police drove him away.
    The barnyard silenced immediately as Skye stood watching her father go. She felt like she needed to be feeling sadness at the loss, but instead she only felt great relief. Brock came up to her and hugged her tightly. A cheer rose up from the crowd, and they all returned to their bunkhouses to sleep out the rest of the night.